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Monday 17 June 2013

Some Limericks for Mad Kane

Here's some Limericks I wrote, all prompted by Mad Kane -

Please stop smoking already. Don’t dicker.
Tobacco is worse than strong liquor
I've heard that your friends say
You smell like an ashtray
Go on give up, don’t beg to differ

A woman was feeling quite ill
She told quack Jack her name was Jill
He gave her a smack
Somewhere on her back
And sent her to bed with a pill

A woman was trying to ink
a love heart while all dressed in mink
She wrote I love Fred
then heard he was dead
And ordered another stiff drink

A Vampire with too much red ink
And not enough blue blood to drink
Flew after a queen
To fulfil his dream
But she was a he dressed in pink 

A fellow was trying to buff
His car with a cloth much too rough
The blue became green
And obscured the screen
His wife said I think that’s enough