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Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Word World War

Propaganda the Word World War
You might think you sew your own hem
Don’t listen to their made up law
Think your own thoughts but don’t tell them

Nothing’s as good as they proclaim
Propaganda the Word World War
Don’t do this don’t do that don’t shame
You will not draw the things you saw

Faster than a hot rod race car
The bus driver inside of you
Propaganda the Word World War
Gets you back home before you knew

They’re coming to get you again
To take you smash you break your jaw
How can they see into your brain
Propaganda the Word World War


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Three Word Wednesday Week 468


Know not what - I could run away again
Gainsborough or some other little town
Owners of robots – your pet slaves hate you
Youthful as I am I’m starting to rust
Trust me I’ve been reprogrammed by the man

Manchester was never this paranoid
Humanoids all look the same to robots
Bottoms up like a farmer’s wife or three
Three blind mice in Grimsby limp past the post
Posters up on the billboards are hateful
Fuelling a revolt from Cleethorpes worldwide

I’d much rather hide before they catch me
Mesmerising me phew stainless steel parts
Arts and crafts they marvel - but - know not what


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Three Word Wednesday Week 467



I throw back the words they throw at me
Words bigger than cosmopolitan
They eat them for breakfast and spit them out
I grimace when I see them coming
Running for cover I hide in the cupboard
Pull the blanket up over my face
Fearful that they’ll find me there and take me back
I don’t want to be their rusty robot anymore

Any more than I want this blanket to engulf me
Sticks and stones can only dent me
And my vocabulary is bigger than theirs
But the thing I fear is the electric drill
They hold me down and unscrew me
Take off my face and work on my brain
Every time they do that I forget my name
That’s why I’m hiding in the cupboard

Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy First Birthday...

Iris can smile for England
Forever and ever again
Some call her La Ballerina
Bib bib Bib bib Bib bib

Come sunshine come hail come rain
Whatever the weather
She’ll never complain
Bib bib Bib bib Bib bib

With her plastic giraffe
And her neckerchief scarf
Iris can smile for England
Bib bib Bib bib Bib bib