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Saturday 31 January 2009

Sunday Scribblings - "Regrets"

Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt "Regrets"
Here we go Walter (the Jib) Gibraltar
every back street in the book (and Ancoats)
to tear your hair out just to get you hooked
some of the things those Jibbers say and do

The way they look the way they stare at you
snarl and growl ensnare you with their patter
flash twenty - land of plenty - give you five
mesmerise you with Crocodile skin shoes

Does the Jib in a strange town about noon
walks into a bar measures the fireplace
scribbles on the clipboard under his arm
National Fire Inspector he tells them

What can I do you for? asks the Landlord.
Thank you very much, I’ll have a pint please!
he downs it in one and heads for the door
has it on his toes to the next bolthole

Looks for an easy Mark turns him over
then it’s the same script in the pub next door
and on until the Blues arrive in town
then it’s Jib on Jib think and drink ‘em dry

Russian Roulette too late for last requests
breathe you live - don’t you die - there’s no regrets
and if he asks you poker faced to play
check if he’s wearing Crocs don’t cut the deck

Wednesday 28 January 2009

TOP prompt "Intersections" & RWP prompt "Sestina"

Written for the 'Sestina' prompt at ReadWritePoem and inspired by
TotallyOptionalPrompts 'Intersections' (banana/pyjama)

They said I’ve got to write a sestina
I said my name is Andy Sewina
Would you like a bite of my banana
How long till you get some new pyjama
Is that a felt hat or a fedora
Did you sail into the new marina

I once met a mermaid called Marina
I thought I’d tell you in this sestina
That I always wear an old fedora
She said is your name Andy Sewina
Lemontina do you wear pyjama
Oh but please please don’t drive me banana

Joey likes to eat yellow banana
When he pedalo to the marina
Everybody loves his blue pyjama
When he goes siesta with sestina
He dreams that he is Andy Sewina
Wearing a big coat and a fedora

You really can’t ignore a fedora
Even a squishy squashy banana
Won’t make you into Andy Sewina
So don’t go try to swim the marina
Who said it’s complicated sestina
It’s so easy peasey in pyjama

Do the drama school supply pyjama
I’ll bring a pair under my fedora
It’s time for us to sing my sestina
Ba ba ba bana bana banana
Ma ma ma mamma ma ma marina
Yeah lemontina Andy Sewina

Dance like fiesta Andy Sewina
Do Sucu sucu Cuba pyjama
Discotina down to the marina
Don’t forget to don your old fedora
Ba ba ba bana bana banana
Singer ringer dinger my sestina

Dreamer dreamer sestina pyjama
Andy Sewina with his fedora
Slip don’t trip banana skin marina

Thursday 22 January 2009

TOP prompt "Ceremonies"

Written for Totally Optional Prompts "Ceremonies"
Welcome to the snow
Slipping sliding such and such
Revolution woes

The crowd gathered in the square
Taste the anticipation

The white stuff still falls
Wetting the curious mob
Merges with their sweat

A boy sells them some stale bread
They wash it down with cheap wine

Then a bugle blows
Soldiers dismount from horses
The prisoner comes

Hail the executioner
Voluminous crescendo

Up goes the sharp blade
Down slicing the mans head off
The jeering mob cheer

The snow mixes with fresh blood
Runs between the cobblestones

Still the crowd want more
Encore encore they cry out
The bayonets are fixed

Angry soldiers face the crowd
Itching to kill the rabble

Blood demands more blood
A dog is dragged to the stage
Someone cuts its throat

The crowd don’t want to go home
Urine permeates the square

The snow turns to rain
The drenched mob are drunk on wine
The wet soldiers curse

The baker runs out of bread
A barrel of cheap wine flows

Vive la republic
Chant the disorganised mob
The soldiers attack

A La Guillotine they cry
Let them eat cake she replies

Blood and puke and puss
A ceremony of sorts
Madness gone insane

Monday 19 January 2009

PROPER JOE'S: Carry on regardless...

PROPER JOE'S: Carry on regardless...

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #11

Posted to Monday Poetry Train Revisited :
By the Mersey
a carry out
to take away
cold night
corpse sleeps
newsprint blanket
cardboard cot
drunken dreamer
old at twenty
friend of mine
Frankie Vine
found dead
@ Pier Head.
As submitted to Liverpool's Poem800 at: www.poem800.com

Sunday 18 January 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Pilgrimage"

Written for Sunday Scribblings Pilgrimage prompt:

Down memory lane
I could take a pilgrimage
to be ten again...
Oh de bar' skins all day long
and Illya Kuryakin!
Oh de bar' skins explanation HERE

Thursday 15 January 2009

For: TotallyOptionalPrompts and ReadWritePoem

Not necessarily written to the prompts but definitely inspired by this weeks
Read Write Poem and Totally Optional Prompts


Barmy Blarney
Cockney Mockney
Paddy Daffy Mick and Jock.


Jolly Woolly
Rusky's Yanks.
Paupers Punters Guns and Tanks.

Yonkers Bonkers
Nerdy's Plonkers
Astro Cosmo...

Monday 12 January 2009

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #10

Written for my son Jack Batty Sewina
and previously published in my collection
Proper Trog and Other Nursery Nonsense
copyright Andy Sewina aka Daddy Wise (c) 1993
Posted to Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Little Jack Batty sat on a tatty
eating his ploughmans lunch
with his breakfast all done
and his dinner to come
and said what a nice bit of brunch!

Sunday 11 January 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Organic"

Written for Sunday Scribblings - Organic prompt.



Organic poetry sounds good to me!

Rhymes but it doesn’t have to don’t you know?

Ghazal, I only tried it once to see...

Acrostic? No not me, I’m much too slow.

Narrative not necessarily free.

Iambic pentameter starts to crow,

Cinquain has two four six eight two to show.

Poetry is much too complicated.

Ode in olden days, she’s set in her ways!

Elegy is no allergy dated,

Tanka haiku,thank you, which way you say?

Renga, Jenga, they all fall down, hated.

Yazoo and Gibbo and all the gang, hey!


Thursday 8 January 2009

TOP prompt

Slow right down stop.
Think, pick up the pencil
re-write what you quote, unquote wrote.
That's right!
And what
you've just written,
will be, cliche, all right
on the night. Or so they tell me,

Wednesday 7 January 2009



Guess WHAT???

Nicola Batty's Newsletter
RAW MEAT.. Issue 100 is now online! clink-this-link

Monday 5 January 2009

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #9

Posted to Monday Poetry Train Revisited


She told him that she

didn’t want to grow old,

to die lonely and cold.

Don’t forget Toulouse-Lautrec,

Vincent Van Gogh

or Modiglianni !

He said, don’t think

that dieing is fun but

only the good can die young.

Morrison, Holly,

Bolan and Joplin,

Hendrix, musicians, Cobain.

You can’t escape death,

which way you try, but why

would you want to die first?

River Phoenix, silver screen

Marilyn Munroe,

Jean Harlow, James Dean.

He tells her that crying is

death without dieing,

so smile girl, don’t cry!

I don’t want to say

I told you, you’re already

too old to die young.

Unlike poets, Chatterton,

Shelley, Byron and Keats,

Dunbar and Plath.

They don’t know which way

to turn now, left ways or right

they’ll still be bereft.

Colman, Byrne, Pegg and Jones,

Taylor, Whelan, Bent and Edwards,

Busby Babes

Please may the sweet sweet

thoughts of ‘em all live on in

our memories please!


Saturday 3 January 2009

Sunday Scribblings "For richer or poorer"

Written for Sunday Scribblings

For richer or poorer prompt:



wife knife

trouble strife

bubble bubble

double trouble

muddle muddle

rouble rubble

golden token

kitchen wife

richer poorer

nice life


RWP #59 Collage..

written for Read Write Poem Collage prompt
I used all the given titles and represented them as American sentences.

What Sylvia meant, what letters are made of next door to Dorothy.
This isn’t a poem, say thanks that the money hasn’t gone somewhere else.
How the biscuit breaks, Miss America hot blueberry afternoon.
The musical a rare double bass and silver flute bones against clay.
Minneapolis skyline, insoluble essential minerals.
Splash of colours on dirty scraps of paper, this is my map of you.
The crows at Stirling castle, dinosaur bones, loving warm and gentle.
Degrees of separation, or how she moves softly are what remain.