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Saturday 6 May 2023

Secret Poetry

Here's something I first wrote in 2009, but this is a slightly different version...

I go to my secret place in the poetry garden
not many people know about that
but you know all my secrets anyway so it’s okay
It's my poetry patch really where I grow poetic things
my favourite poems are the weeds
I cultivate them ad hoc in my mind
But they (other poets) grow theirs naturally
as nature does sometimes
I will cut an edge perhaps prune a word or three
mostly I just watch things grow
climb up the poet tree
and sit atop the branches
where the fairies swing is tied
to watch them mirror dancing
(they only tire at sunset)
When I come back down to earth
this is the poem that wrote itself
it told me to write it down like this:
Making monkey mayhem
funky madness
sitting up the poet tree
writing down every word that she whispers to me
the secret of the ages of the rings
the way the wordy wordy wordy sings
everything she brings from where she comes
where she goes nobody really knows
she recites her wordy words to my world
my world doesn’t hear a thing she says
(the wind blows her words whispering to me)
She sister she secret society she says silently – hoping I can hear

Monday 1 May 2023



Napowrimo 2023/my15th year/Conclusion

Amazingly we've reached yet another end to the napowrimo challenge of thirty poems in thirty days. As usual may I take this opportunity to congratulate each and everyone of you who completed it this time.

We had a little distraction mid way through the project as I had to go to Poland for a few days. Fortunately I was still able to write something each day and post it from there which reinforces not only the power of the internet, but the global appeal of napowrimo these days too.

The next setback for me was that after returning from Poland my wife came down with Covid and I followed her two days later. I'm still suffering with the dreaded lurgy as I write this, but somehow, all these possible disasters, only ever seem to give me more material to work from.

Finally, here's a little something to conclude this years challenge and to set myself up for what lies ahead.


Streams of consciousness

Violent storms and sunny days

Bursting off the page


Thank you for reading this, and congratulations again for taking the challenge this year.