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Thursday 30 April 2015

Day Thirty

For Vivi and Sammy

Hey Vivi Vivi
So far away Wei Wei
Sammy jumped over the moon
And all Nanchang laughed to see such fun
Because Vivi is coming home soon


Wednesday 29 April 2015

Day Twenty Nine

Nearly there...

Every time she calls me up I’m sleeping
Weeping on my pillow the night time through
Rough as the proverbial you know what
Hatters aren't as mad as they've been painted
Tainted love jilted like John and his ilk

Silk ties are back in fashion at Oxfam
Families can't afford to shop there these days
Way too expensive for the average Joe
Joking aside why do they charge so much
Such and such and all her friends won't go there

Here I am still crying over spilt milk
Silk ties and fancy scarves will have to wait
It’s not as easy as some people think
Drinking myself to death over that girl
Shirley I’m too tired to answer your call

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Day Twenty Eight

There once was a man from Bahamas
who went everywhere in pyjamas
He thought it was cool
to look like a fool
But everyone said He's bananas

Monday 27 April 2015

Day Twenty Seven

barking up the wrong tree
the only tree that we've got
it’s mad to bark yourself
but we don't keep dogs
even if we did who’s to say
that they would bark
especially up a tree
just because we want them to
imagine that then
a dog that refuses to bark
refuses to go to the park
and play Frisbee
what sort of dog is that
he just sits in the backyard all day
taking in the winter sun
dreaming dreams about the pyramids
that they found in Tenerife
I bet he doesn't refuse to eat

Sunday 26 April 2015

Day Twenty Six

I drive past the church of complexity
They meet at ten and eleven a.m.
Every Sunday and sometimes on Monday
That’s it they go back to work when they're done

They're franked and stamped they're wrapped and packed away
Except for the odd Thursday once a month
Or is it every fortnight or six weeks
I don’t really pay that much attention

But lately it seems they've got more robots
They just stand in the car park getting wet
I do hope that they don’t get too rusty
I was a rusty robot once myself

They put me in the shop window to sell
No one bought me I didn't look too well


Saturday 25 April 2015

Day Twenty Five

Not many people know that
I’ve got a secret twin
And that she comes from China
The Great Wall and Beijing

When I look in the mirror
I'm a dead ringer for her
Not really really really
Our birthdays we just share

Now everybody knows that
Nicole’s my secret twin

Friday 24 April 2015

Day Twenty Four

Head’s banging like drums and dreams
Drumming for dreams that keep on banging
They're inside his head now trying to escape
Insisting that he bangs on the pipes too

The pipes where they dry the orange peel
That they roll with tobacco are always hot
Another tattooist a needle another tattoo
One last cigarette before they cough  

He sells his last pair of shoes for something to eat
Pulls the wet curtains around him and tries to sleep
The curtains that double as a towel and a sheet
Hanging from the landing dangling out to dry 

Banging the drum for the western dream
To croak in the land of the soft ice cream

Thursday 23 April 2015

Happy St. Georges...

Dawn and Dave and their pet robot
went walking along the old railroad.
But the track ran out at the roundabout
across the street from Lidl.
They went round and round the confounded
thing then got stuck in the middle.

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Day Twenty Two

The train like time waits for no man
Coffee and cigarettes and wine
All banned by the white tooth brigade

If it’s not kosher don’t it eat 
Please don't breathe in secondhand smoke
Telling pork pies not eating them

Wishing I wasn't a fat pig
Gluttony will get you nowhere
Unless you buy the next size dress

Sitting there waiting for the train
I heard a little boy shouting
Mummy I’m too big for my shorts


Here's a little something for Holly : Holly's Fine

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Day Twenty One

Lots of things to do
Sudoku and all that jazz
Other cakes to bake

Monday 20 April 2015

Day Twenty

Down in her basement kitchenette
Across the street from Lafayette
Healing kittens
She was smitten
She thought she was some kind of vet

Submitted to Mad Kane's blog the word this week was VET.

Sunday 19 April 2015

Day Nineteen

Some say
Marco Polo
Brought it back from China
Others that that was just a myth


Saturday 18 April 2015

Day Eighteen

Flying tricycles
In the same airspace as drones
Like magic carpets

The Rickshaw driver
Chasing a penny farthing
Only he can fly

Here comes the future
Forget about yesterday
Stick with the present

The home aerodrome
In fields of magnetic dreams
Not in my backyard

And here's something for Shirley!!!

Friday 17 April 2015

Day Seventeen

The prompt was to write a cinquain, here's my attempt:

always smiling
with wonderful blue eyes
that trickle well up waterfall


Here's one I did in 2008 Secret Seat

Thursday 16 April 2015

Day Sixteen

Why does everybody look so tall
even when I'm standing on the wall
Please don't let me slip
I can hardly grip
Flippin' 'eck I think that I might fall

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Day Fifteen

somebody’s walking in the woods
who’s walking in  the woods
worse (verse) still who’s talking
talking is not permitted in the woods
we have rules in this country
they must be strictly adhered to
under punishment of decapitation
or electrocution if available
remember those little children
that strayed into the woods one day
they were never to be seen again
so keep out of the woods
or the mushroom pickers will get you
and if you go there don't talk
or they may cut out your tongue
perhaps worse much worse (verse)

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Day Fourteen

Love that’s unconditional sweeps over us in waves
we don't hear much about that kind of love these days
it’s all about the dollar and how much we don’t have
we all love money don't we we need it anyway
even if it’s evil we still have bills to pay
take the emphasis off we and heap it onto you
don’t hide your light under a bushel or your loot
sell your house and car and your caravan of wives
so that you’ve got something to give to those poor slaves
when love that’s unconditional sweeps over you in waves


Monday 13 April 2015

Day Thirteen

sleep makes everything alright until you feel tired oh so tired again

moody funday monday moody
after dark won't bring back sunday
what think you ‘bout that miss broody
don't you worry it’s nearly tuesday

saucy suzette can be so rude
if she wants to be to me blue
and she do so don’t give me no
rabbit hutch to munch for lunch girl

fish day friday at the chippy
don’t go smother mine with curry
sleep makes everything okay though
until you feel so tired again

moody funday monday moody
after dark won't bring back sunday
what think you ‘bout that miss broody
don't you worry it’s nearly tuesday


Sunday 12 April 2015

Day Twelve

After a great high comes a massive fall
the brick wall that I just hit is still up
and standing apart from a great big hole
but I'm not I'm flat out pushing up bricks
crying myself to sleep under the quilt
trying to tell the Doctor in my head
she's gone when she's gone there's no banging on
no hanging on to the world or that girl
because she's gone when she's done and she's gone
 no harping on for the world when they've won
we scored the first and last goal and the rest
oh so absurd I confess I'm depressed

Saturday 11 April 2015

Day Eleven

The evolutionary omnibus
I’m not going to go back all that far
The clippie shouting out fares please at us

And people jumping off in front of cars
No not a shameful thing to catch a bus
You’re not a third or fourth class citizen

The shame is in the prices they charge us
It’s cheaper sharing taxi’s with your friends
This deregulation generation

Have never seen a corporation bus
Only confusion at the bus station
There that’s why us old fogies make a fuss

Friday 10 April 2015

Day Ten

my head aches so much I can hardly walk
talking about aches I've got lots of pains
pins and needles in my leg sometimes too
two or three steps uphill and that’s me done
once upon a time I used to walk miles
miles and miles in fact last week with a smile
smiling at people everywhere I went
entertaining them when I fell over
over and over again but laughing
things aren't the same now that my leg’s swelled up
head up it could be worse my right big toe
don’t you know gets a bit of gout in it

Thursday 9 April 2015

Day Nine

She really made me feel so young and free
Her hair so black that it looked almost blue
I met her on the beach down in Torquay
Oh how I wish that our love could be true

She was the girl that I knew from my dream
And what a dream it was when I saw her
Her eyes were dark like chocolate without cream
If life was just as real as my dreams were

She was the girl of my dreams don't you know
That sang a song in a whisper to me
If only I had been allowed to go
Off swimming with that mermaid out to sea

She was the girl of my dreams don't you know
If only I had been allowed to go


Wednesday 8 April 2015

Day Eight

Hate computers Microwaves Mobile phones
Weren't they meant to make our lives so easy
They do and they don't it’s how you use them
Or so it says buried in the small print

The worst thing I hate though is that robot
That faceless robotic up in the cloud
He or she or perhaps it always wants
To sell you/me something that we don't need

Five dollars a week for so many megs
Twenty will buy you at least ten times more
That’s what the salesman told me at the shop
But I’m happy with my pay as you go


Tuesday 7 April 2015

Day Seven

Uppishly thinking they cannot be seen
Numb as a numbskull on bacon and eggs
Monday became Tuesday with brand new tyres
Useless as troglodytes without a cave
Sobbing for Paddington and for Poo Bear
I don’t know how these things happen so quickly
Crazy as spaceships that clouds ride upon
Anyhow that’s the way things are these days
Leaning on lampposts waiting for mother

Rickshaws were never that fast anyway
Others are spending their money with us
Sooty and Sweep and Christopher Robin
Egging on robots and aliens too
Saving for days when the rain might not come


To see how I did this mad acrostic you can visit my other bloggage Dream Genie and read the post 'Miraculousness'.

Monday 6 April 2015

Day Six

Christopher, Christopher, where have you been?
I have been dreaming a fantastic dream.
Chubby chops, chubby chops, chubby chin chin?
I started smiling, when you tucked me in.

Sunday 5 April 2015

Day Five 2015

Get back in your makeshift spaceship and fly
I don't want to go to your other worlds
Other worlds where the two suns always shine
Shining down on Brown Sugar Beach all day

Day after day and all night too of course
Because there is no night where you come from
Fromage et frites are for Mooner’s only
Lonely people that populate this Earth

Earthlings are not welcome where you go to
Too many of us have been robotised
Robots running round doing dirty work
Working twenty four seven three six five

I've got an idea you've got a tin pan
Man Friday that looks much like me get back


Saturday 4 April 2015

Day Four 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015
Day Four
I took the end line rhymes from Shakespeare's Sonnet XLI and created this:

And nothing of salvation's down to me
all of the praise God's son we give to thee

It doesn't really matter who commits
The sins the desperate sins of our heart
We all think youth and beauty well befits
And on this stage we all perform our art

We are players and some of us once won
By slight of hand and sometimes we assailed
The one who came to save us God’s own son
But thankfully no matter He prevailed

And through temptation He did not forbear
Oh we will reign with Him as in our youth
And like the thief we’re going to be there
In paradise and then we’ll know the truth

All of the praise God’s Son we give to thee
And nothing of salvation’s down to me


Friday 3 April 2015

Day Three 2015

Jesus Christ, if we had known who He was, would we have crucified him?


Thursday 2 April 2015

Day Two 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015
Day Two

She’s barking she’s half mad insane
She won’t even tell me her name
She gets really flirty
Not sexy just dirty
Again and again and again

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Day One 2015

Lily with her snow hat on
Who said the winter’s dead and gone
Snow hat on and Welly boots
Wearing her all-weather suit
Some people told her it was spring
With all the daffodils and things
But she was right it poured with rain
And after that came snow again