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Wednesday 26 March 2008

TOP Novelty...

Inspiration from the first chapter of Making Time by Steve Taylor.
She went to France up
on the Piste to ski.
Down the slopes she met
a bloke A, B, C.
The pair of them got
plastered, Brahms + Liszt.
Together in his
Chalet, they bunked-up.
In the morning he
asked her with clenched fist:
Did time stop for you
too last night my sweet?
She said, No! My heart
hardly missed a beat.

Tuesday 25 March 2008

He takes four sticks and makes a frame
and hangs it from a tree.
Then he stands back and looks at it
and he sure likes what he can see...
So, Wizzy Lizzy, or call him what you will.
But he's got an ever changing window -
on eternity - an image that only he can see...

Tuesday 18 March 2008

Pure Poetry!

The best action film ever...
The following film is pure poetry and was made last summer by my son Jack and his friends Daniel and Robert. Jack is the one with the blonde hair and the orange shirt. There is some sound loss in a couple of places but it's well worth watching to the bitter end.

Wednesday 12 March 2008

TOP Smoke and Mirrors

A man knocks on my front door.
Have you got twenty quid you can lend me? He asks.
Go on man, please! Don’t be tight. It's nothing these days, is it?
I’m a mechanic; you can keep my tools - ‘til I pay you back.
Straight up, man. Honest! He pleads, until I give in.
He leaves a box of spanners on my doorstep and pockets the dosh.

Two days later he returns, with a bicycle.
I’ve not got your candy yet, Andy. He starts.
I’ve got a job though, he tells me. So, I need my tools back.
But you can keep my bike till I get paid – then I’ll see you right!
Trust me, man. Please! He begs, the same old script.
I hand him the spanners and put his cycle in my cellar.

The day after that, he comes back, rat a tat, tat, on my door.
Have you got another ten you can give me? He squirms.
Please man, I need it to buy food for my mum, she’s not well!
And can I borrow the bike back? So I can visit her in hospital?
You know you’ll get it back, you can trust me. Can’t you?
He takes the bicycle and a ten pound note… crumbs!


Wednesday 5 March 2008

TOP Different Voices

I hope you're not too blue,
I know it's late at night etc.
But I'm still up + when I'm up,
I'm still thinking of you...
Moody Tuesday!

Empathy? Not me,
it's pathetic how much
time they waste -
placating ego's
all over the place.
They always know
better than you -
they always will -
'til you stand up
and tell them to -
Stop talking shit!
It's a really bad attitude
that they've got -
they get it from
Telly guru's like Trinny
and What's 'er face? -
It's the way they
condescendingly say
things like -
Have a word with him!
-and -Dress down -
not up.
Full colour -
but - Not clown! -
High Street -
Not - small town.
And all the time
they force that
perfected frown -
that means so much
to their self esteem.
They can't help being cruel.
They think they're being
kind to you, by pointing
out all your facial lines...
Those Telly Guru's,
And the way they whine!