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Saturday 1 May 2021

2021 Conclusion


Napowrimo 2021


Okay, another year over, so congratulations to everybody who completed the NaPoWriMo challenge this year. I don't think I came up with anything amazing this time, but I did manage to do a few more of my 'Hello am I even here' series and hopefully I will have enough of them for a collection now. To finish the month I will attempt a final piece which I will post below.

Here it is:


The head chef at Dicks and Becks

(The warehouse where they wear cool specs)

he went to college to learn to cook

I saw this notice on the canteen wall

Jason Alexander Hall attended a one day

cookery course June Nineteen Ninety Nine

Does that mean he'll be a chef one day

or will he just carry on making sandwiches

to sell in his canteen vending machine

Hand made pasties cod chips and mushy peas

roast dinners bangers and mash vegan options

wouldn't it be nice to have home made quiche

a full English breakfast and pancakes for brunch

Sadly JAH would be if he could be chef can't cook

so the workers are eating cuppa soups and crisps

morning noon and nightly in the staff canteen


And here's one I wrote in 2018 and updated earlier this year about the same workplace.


Clock watchers at Dicks and Becks

the warehouse where they wear cool specs

Then one day shock horror

the clocks were changed for mirrors

Now the shirkers look at one another cold

and watch themselves grow old