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Wednesday 1 May 2019


Global/NaPoWriMo 2019


I wasn't sure how things were going to pan out this year, as we were away in the Philippines for the first couple of weeks, and my intention was to do a few more pieces for the Plymouth collection which I started last year after we came back. However, I did a follow up to a poem I wrote a few years ago called 'Hello Am I even Home' and I ended up doing several more to start yet another collection. I'll add the latest one below but before I go I must say congratulations to everybody who completed this years NaPoWriMo challenge.

I bought her an Easter egg she loves Easter
and she eats hot cross buns all year round
I only eat them on Good Friday
a few days after Easter she still hadn't eaten her egg
so I asked her when we were going to eat it
she laughed but I wasn't joking

I love chocolate I hid some in the house
but I can't find it now
sometimes I can't remember what I do with things

My friend asked me to wish him luck in the
London Marathon and said he managed three hours
twelve minutes and three seconds last year
this year he's going to try and beat that but he says
he usually gets bored and turns the TV over

Football's like that too the goalkeepers are so good
these days that it's hard to score
I took a penalty at Wembley and booted the ball
over the bar the next time I got the ball I beat five men
and scored I was the hero as we lifted the FA Cup
I dropped the lid and the noise woke me up

I dream about all sorts of things sometimes I dream
that I have been smoking cigarettes but
I gave up fourteen years ago
the other day I dreamt that I was an alcoholic
drinking two bottles of vodka a day
hello am I even sober

But the worst thing I hate is taking all those tablets
every day they tell me its time to take them and
I fall asleep when I wake up they've gone
who are they any way who's helping who
don't take tablets unless you have to