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Wednesday 12 March 2008

TOP Smoke and Mirrors

A man knocks on my front door.
Have you got twenty quid you can lend me? He asks.
Go on man, please! Don’t be tight. It's nothing these days, is it?
I’m a mechanic; you can keep my tools - ‘til I pay you back.
Straight up, man. Honest! He pleads, until I give in.
He leaves a box of spanners on my doorstep and pockets the dosh.

Two days later he returns, with a bicycle.
I’ve not got your candy yet, Andy. He starts.
I’ve got a job though, he tells me. So, I need my tools back.
But you can keep my bike till I get paid – then I’ll see you right!
Trust me, man. Please! He begs, the same old script.
I hand him the spanners and put his cycle in my cellar.

The day after that, he comes back, rat a tat, tat, on my door.
Have you got another ten you can give me? He squirms.
Please man, I need it to buy food for my mum, she’s not well!
And can I borrow the bike back? So I can visit her in hospital?
You know you’ll get it back, you can trust me. Can’t you?
He takes the bicycle and a ten pound note… crumbs!



  1. I do know certain someone just like that! I am tempted to send this poem to him!

    And do give a try to patchwork poetry. It is great fun!

  2. I've seen so many conmen at work, especially in pubs, that little surprises me.
    You told it well.

  3. Wonderful! I'm still smiling - it's a story that gets replayed daily and yet it feels fresh here! Nice work!

  4. well darling in my book this is either evidence of a very thick head... or a very soft heart... no smoke and mirrors here,, you know exactly what you (or your imaginary friend here) have gotten into....

    very well written... loved it...

  5. Hi Gautami- Go for it! I'll be over at the patchwork thing next week..

    Hi Anthony- You're spot on, this is an old pub con..

    Tumblewords- Thanks for the prompt - yeah, the con goes on..

    Paisley- You're right, I'm a soft touch..

  6. A well-told tale here.

  7. I agree - a delightful and well told tale.

  8. a small business opportunity? It makes you wonder about the window cleaner, gardner - even the bob-a-job kids.
    Might try it one day.

  9. Sister AE- Thanks.

    Lisa- Thank-you Lisa.

    Stan- Sounds like you know about 'the jib'.


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