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Tuesday 22 May 2007

Word World War...

We've got blacks and whites
and arabs and jews still fighting
and those muslim brothers are
still killing each other down there.
They've got soup kitchens in LA
and red cross parcels in Bombay
and in Moscow and Tashkent
nobody can pay their rent.
Naive, nuke you? but don't you worry
about the brew queue, there won't be any
broth left on mushroom cloud day.
'Cos, you've just lost The Word World War!
Previously published on Proper Joe's 131006

Tuesday 15 May 2007

Moan for England...

Yes, she's my
nextdoor neighbour
she's a Wuss!...
She's a whinger,
she's a minger,
such a Wuss!
Oh, she's my
nextdoor neighbour
and she could
moan for England
and she does!
She knows
every jot + tittle
and she even
dots the 'I's.
All the locals
think she's posh!
But I know -
she's got no dosh!
'Cos she gave
it to the Cat's Home
she's a Wuss!
She wears furry boots
but she's no puss!
They say that:
She's the cats pyjama's...
But, she always
makes a fuss!
She's a whinger,
she's a minger,
such a Wuss!

Tuesday 8 May 2007

Everything would be a Wow!...

Welcome to Nicola's situation!
Tune-in to her radio station
when she broadcasts to the
nation she's talking to you!
If we could re-live our memories,
we would all be climbing trees!
And nobody would graze their knees!
If only life was like that now...
Everything would be a Wow!
So, Nicola! Please, please, please!
Tell me how? Go on Nicola!
Please, please, please!
Just tell me how?

Tuesday 1 May 2007