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Monday 12 August 2019

How we evolved?

maybe or perhaps not but some say
that the aliens emerged from the sea
others of course maintain that evolution
is what it was all about
then many years later as technology became available
telescopes and cameras were deployed on the moon
and aimed at the earth to record all that they saw

but time out there isn't the way we see it down here
therefore what goes up may or may not come down
and the future might not start after the present
much like the past is more than likely
not necessarily before the present day
in fact there are no different days out there
all days and or nights for that matter are exactly the same

and it's cold I mean really cold but nobody grows old
and nobody dies they just float off to another place
to a new existence exponentially through the roof
if they had one if you know what I mean but they don't
and won't get it any more than those that thought
that humanoids evolved from sea creatures
or perhaps aliens that had splash landed in the oceans
of the world and eventually crawled ashore

no one really believes anything any more
they simply accept what they have or have not been told
the great unwashed the gullible multitudes
give me your money I'll come and collect it
if time doesn't exist what are we doing here
waiting for morning and going to work
why do we bother scrimping and saving
for a day that may not even rain

and the Moonsters out there are filming Genghis Khan
and the Great Wall of China
and one day not that there are any days out there of course
some of us are going to go there and crash land on the moon
and bring the recordings back to earth
so everybody will finally know what really happened
and won't have to rely on or believe in
the supposedly recorded history of our planet

but you won't really want to travel there by rocket
if I were you and thankfully I'm not you or anybody else
that I know or perhaps don't but believe me I would wait
until new space technology has been developed
something safer and faster or maybe you should go fishing
with that metal detector you stashed in the attic all those years ago
and bag yourself one of those alien craft that litter the ocean floor
it's only a matter of knowing where to look
or perhaps to hook it if you dig and don't get wet just saying

Saturday 3 August 2019

Ice Age

Something happened before the ice cream man came
to town and all the earth froze over
speculation intimidation and other words
screaming off the pages some hyphenated
punctuated with exclamation marks
long before commas and full stops were invented
many describing worlds of words bigger than marmalade
and with more letters than a pillar box
on the last posting day before Christmas
so when the fishing smacks went down
some say that dinosaurs roamed the earth
and different types of humanoids evolved
but shut the door what really happened
if the truth be known nobody really knows
except for the fact that something went very badly wrong
demonic degenerates dignitaries with holes in heads
shrunken brains an unevolved species of plant eating mammals
living in the canopy of trees others underground some in caves
a warring world of hand walking acrobats
clamouring to eke out a basic existence
screaming without words self strangulation
an unintelligible language of frustration
pretending to be something that was never meant to be
individuals living in a counterfeit universe
the copy-cat intellectuals of the pre-dawn
fighting for the right to be heard to be seen
to be who they were wrongly told that they were meant to be
the parallel universe planting thoughts upside down inside out
outlandish as a troglodyte on heat
who would have thought that eternity
had anything to do with all their mess
but time or the concept of it that we now know and use
the time that we keep and rely upon didn't yet exist
the different ones came and went some stayed
buried forever in the quick setting sand
for us for you and I to discover rediscover dig out of the clay
for us to adjudicate upon contemplate and marvel at today
but even in a perfect world not many barber shop quartets
butchers bakers or cake makers would ever find the truth