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Thursday 6 October 2022

UK National Poetry Day 2022


For National Poetry Day 2022

Here's one about the poetry environment, as I saw it when I wrote it.

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Organic poetry sounds good to me!

Rhymes but it doesn’t have to don’t you know?

Ghazal, I only tried it once to see...

Acrostic? No not me, I’m much too slow.

Narrative not necessarily free.

Iambic pentameter starts to crow,

Cinquain has two four six eight two to show.

Poetry is much too complicated.

Ode in olden days, she’s set in her ways!

Elegy is no allergy dated,

Tanka haiku, thank you, which way you say?

Renga, Jenga, they all fall down, hated.

Yazoo and Gibbo and all the gang, hey!