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Saturday 22 February 2020

What's up Doc???

If they did it the way we wanted it
to be done it would be okay but they
have no clue which way is up

They run their company like a dinner lady
running a nineteen sixties school canteen
they're full of hot air not quite up to full steam

Living the dream off the back of the working men
and women that graft for food and drink and a roof
over their head if their lucky plucky perhaps

Waiting for the right time to pounce
on that mythical ounce of gold
that we were told would be definitely could be ours

If we keep our heads down and our noses clean
it's like talking to a brick wall trying to get any sense
out of them the entitled ones that think they rule

Of course they do while we let them drive roughshod
over us as we cower to their demands for lower pay
increased productivity and a longer working day