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Tuesday 26 July 2011

Tuesday Tuesday..

Wings, flying things
made from bits of five-pointed stars
They're everywhere in the universe,
the multi-verse and beyond
You only have to look upwards
and check out the night sky
Pentagonals, pyramidicals,
triangulation gone sideways
Seven seems to be the numeric
out there with spacey stuff
We can't get enough
we're as mad as the loonyverse.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Dancing on The Moon

There's a highway to the heavens somewhere
They say that there's a stairway to the stars
An escalator to the Milky Way, yeah
That you can ride to Venus and to Mars

This is your gateway to the galaxy
The Universe Express, first stop the Moon
They say that it's quicker than a taxi
No doubt we'll all be out there very soon

Dancing in the moon dust, moon walking beat
Test-tube living, in a five mile tower
Growing tomatoes in the day time heat
Acting like a Moonster by the hour

We'll all be banging in the Universe
Making little Moonsters, can things get worse?