I know you love me but if you follow me I'll love you too!

Sunday 22 December 2013

For Jerome

Waiting for the promised snow
she sits there under the blanket
writing Christmas cards to herself
She signs the cards 
Love from So and So
Much love from Such and Such
and Lots and lots of love
in different coloured inks
But no-one really loves her
or she wouldn't be writing 
Crappy Christmas cards 

Friday 13 December 2013

Happy First Birthday!

She makes a smile that takes your breath
For all the presents people bring
Birthday girl Elizabeth
Happy birthday we all sing

Sunday 8 December 2013

After death...

ABC PC Double Dutch to me
I asked him what the difference is between
BC / AD and BCE / CE
Nothing he tells me apart from PC

Common Era is a common error
Before Common Era was Before Christ
So One O One Three BC / BCE
Would be three thousand years ago you see

Therefore then give or take a day in time
We'll all be One Hundred and Twenty nine
Or perhaps plus in Anno Domini
Twenty One Four Two AD or CE

I always thought AD was After Death
He tells me it’s the year that Christ was born


Monday 2 December 2013


She lies down in a darkened room
Desperate to dream about him
If only he would come home
And make her life complete

She tries to sleep as her thoughts
Keep her awake then lull her to limbo
The clock ticks plays tricks with time
Power napping is purgatory

When she wakes she doesn't know 
Where she’s been or if she’s even seen him
If only he would come home
And make her life complete

Every moment seems like an eternity
She butters the toast on both sides