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Tuesday 7 February 2017


We watch the cold sky
The bright star is still with us
Morning never comes
Tricks and traits can change
January is over
Walking in the rain

She stinks I can tell
Her false lashes have been pulled
Like a pork sandwich

Reality flumps
Melts down messy with warm milk
Mississippi Mud
Scrawled upon the wall
Passionate about writing
In tangerine paint

On top of the bridge
Waiting for the snow to come
She begins to cry

Music makes her smile
She responds until it stops
Then she hibernates
Thinking about her
Won’t bring her back from Paris
And her dizzy heights

The subway train snakes
Two four seven three six five
Breaking like the News

They change the rules too quickly
Like the padlock bridge
One degree warmer
The ice sculptures start to melt
Beating down the walls

She digs her heels in
Twenty four hours later
She must’ve been hurt