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Monday 30 June 2008

RWP#33 Wordplay..

Prompt from Read Write Poem:Wordplay -
My list was: blog, Face Book, My Space, Internet, link,
word, Google, search, Yahoo, Twitter, web, site and surfing.
She said, that she clinked-his-link from Google
while surfing the net with search word strudle.
He said, On Yahoo I'm at number two
over at Twitter more bitter than blue.
She said, Yeah my name is Internet Kate
and I'm looking for a virtual date.
He said, Hey anytime your blog or mine?
Or any site on the web will be fine...
She said, Please come for a drink at My Space!
A glass of wine from the virtual vine?
He said, Okay baby that would be ace
and we can do it on Face Book next time.

Have you tried Space Invaders!
my-work-in-progress-novel yet? Clink-the-link HERE

Tuesday 24 June 2008

TOP Summertime..

The window is above my head
but I can see the sky and I
can study the cloud patterns and
the movement of the wind and rain.

I watched the clouds go by today,
they moved slowly from right to left
across the ever changing screen
across my living canvas too
across my four foot two by two
of window pane above my head.

The sunlight is so strong these days
it must be summertime again.

Wednesday 18 June 2008

TOP Fashionista is a beautiful rose!

Fashionista! was previously aired on my Proper Joe's blog last October.
I thought it was about time I brought it over to Sweet Talking Guy..

Fashion-sister, skin and blister
No, she's not Budgie's bird no more,
since she's been dressing oh so slick
Hell, she's sure not nobodies chick!
And when she goes to cross the street
the cab and bus drivers honk - beep!
Her stripy tops and dots on socks
look the part with her golden locks
fashion-sister, skin and blister
can't resist her - Fashionista!
Danny Wise 231007

Sunday 1 June 2008

Cat kidnapped and held to ransom!
Unbelievable but true...
You can read all about it and other breaking news in
Nicola Batty's Newsletter
Raw Meat..

You can do The Sugar Shake Beat.
When you kiss my lips, sweet sweet.
You can shake your hips – like this…
When you’re dancing down the street
To the Sugar Beet Suite, that’s bliss,
Sublime, sweetness – little sweet Miss.
Yeah, that’s neat! Up outta yer seat!
Now you can do, The Sugar Shake Beat!

Go do The Sugar Shake Beat
Down at - The Sugar Beet Suite.
Yeah, you can dance, that’s neat,
Go do The Sugar Shake Beat.

If you wanna look cool, sweet chic.
Make me look a fool, sweet sweet.
You can shake your hips – like this…
This time really move your feet
At the Sugar Beet Suite, sweet bliss,
Red wine, sweet lips - little sweet Miss.
Hey, that’s cool! Who you gonna meet?
That’s what I call, The Sugar Shake Beat!


The Stones were rolling out the beat.
Made Brown Sugar neat, sweet sweet.
You can shake your hips – like this…
When you’re groovin’ to the beat
Down The Sugar Beet Suite, sweet bliss,
One step, two feet. Little sweet Miss.
You’re really dancing at the Suite!
All stand up for, The Sugar Shake Beat!
DW161007 previously published on Proper Joe's