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Wednesday 16 May 2018

Limerick attempt (again) ...

She volleys the puck like a man
return it to her if you can
Don't use an ice pick
with your hockey stick
If you are a true Penguins fan

As submitted to Mad Kane's Humor Blog for Limerick-Off Monday - Rhyme word : CAN at the end of any one line. (MadKane.com) 

Thursday 3 May 2018

Here's one for our Frank

Here's one for our Frank:

They say that squirrels birds and bees
all make their home in different trees
and juicy steaks hang off the branches
of meat trees and one guy that owns a
ruff and tumble biscuit tree says that's
the way the cookie crumbles then there's
the apple tree with two hundred and fifty
varieties grafted on one tree but there's
no end to creativity carnivore what a bore
there's always something more to see and
one man takes first prize for me it's not a
cricket bat he's growing on his willow tree
it's a chair and not just one he's got a field
of them growing out there and crab apple
tables to top it all and crafty beer trees
growing all types of pale ales the forest
is getting closer and the mushrooms are
taking over soon we'll all be in the Amazon
up the tidal creek without a paddle you see
or climbing up the old oak tree like me

Tuesday 1 May 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018 Conclusion

NaPoWriMo 2018

This was my tenth year of taking the challenge of thirty poems in thirty days, so I now have three hundred NaPoWriMo poems in the bag. As I have said before I only tend to get two or three decent pieces from each challenge and this year was no different. I did however, write several pieces about Plymouth and therefore I now have the beginnings of a Plymouth collection. I also managed to add a few bus poems to my pet hate collection, so all in all it was a successful month. May I leave you with a fun one?
We're on the Ring and Ride and
the driver's fishing for compliments
checking the whether (or not) forecast
in the horror scope section of the Local Blag
All that can wait but we can't we're going to
be late for Coronation's treat and East pretenders
so please Mr Bus Driver give us a break and
put your Wellie to the floor and get us home