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Monday 30 September 2013

More Limericks for Mad Kane

Here's some Limericks I wrote, all prompted by Mad Kane -

A fellow was buying a place
Uptown for his girl to save face
His wife didn't know
Why he put on a show
He wanted somebody to chase

A woman was eating a wrap
And fell for the usual trap
Of starting a riot
All over her diet
Of salad and celery crap

A woman was flying quite high
Up over the Isle of Skye
I heard that she came
On the astral plane
Not blinking but more rapid eye

A fellow just loves telling jokes:
that bore all the girls and their blokes.
They are so unfunny
he doesn't make money
it’s all to annoy the good folks.

A fellow who needed a pair
Of glasses to see up the stair
Went out of his mind
And thought he was blind
When he lost his specs down the chair

A woman had planted a pine
Instead of her usual vine
It tasted like bleach
She started to preach
Then pulped it and drank it like wine


Tuesday 24 September 2013

I heard it on the grapevine...

Here's a little something...

There was once a young girl called Lily
Who thought that the system was silly
She picked up her phone
And called up the throne
Prince William Prince William King Billy