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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Alabama Mama..

Mama once the pride of Alabama
She wants a place - she needs a place to stay
Maybe bed and board for a day or three
Hey, she keeps herself to herself no sweat
she won’t fight; she won’t get high as a kite
she won’t go down to Times Square late at night.

She’ll be at Pennsylvania station
On the train from the penitentiary
So, look out for Alabama Mama
Meet her there if you’ve got a room to spare.
She’ll be up with the lark, home before dark.
She’ll hang out and jog around Central Park
Won’t be under your feet or in your way…

The very first day she got out of jail
She went straight down to Times Square late at night.
Met phoney cronies got high as a kite
Tried to walk, talk New York, Al-a-bam-a!
Somebody hit her - somebody bit her
She got in a fight, what a fuss, a farce.
Yeah, but Alabama Mama’s alright!


Friday, 9 May 2008

TOP 'Transformation'

ON HIGH ^High in the Andes where the air is thin
One man said he saw god step off a cloud.
Where does earth end and outer space begin?
The high-way code: No sky-walking allowed!

But with just one word he could heal the sick.
Make a stone bleed? Turn water into wine!
Move mighty mountains and make the dead quick!
Walk on water and fish without a line.

One day a crowd gathered at Galilee
Five thousand hungry souls for him to feed
He sent five loaves and two fish from the sea
When each of them had eaten to his need

His helpers went to gather up the crumbs
Enough to feed five thousand of his chums.