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Monday 21 March 2016

The Vernal Equinox

Daffodils blooming
Spring is sprung
Drinking in the light

Friday 11 March 2016

Aashray and Anu

When Aashray reads his science book
His sister Anu takes a look                                                               

At Cosmonauts and Astronauts
And marching Martians on the Moon
They're mixing magic with their thoughts                       
We’ll surely all be weightless soon

If everybody understood
That everything is made of wood

Where Barbie dolls are dressed in pearls
And even paper comes from trees
But in the mind of little girls
The moon is blue and made of cheese

Though living in this world down here
We’re subject to the atmosphere

So like an eagle in the sky
Just once the dream of puppet toys
When only pigs and cars could fly
To have a science book for boys


Wednesday 9 March 2016

Three Word Wednesday Week 470

Week 470


Poetic Flash fiction in 51 syllables

Dawn bought a costume to go with the new shoes her husband Dave gave her. What a tasteful outfit thought her pet robot on the way from the store. I thought Dave was selfish but those glass slippers look so realistic.

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Three Word Wednesday Week 469


I tell her the girl sitting next to me
I can’t recall what my name used to be
But of course she didn’t recognise me
Any more than I knew who she used to be

Her piercing blue eyes questioning me
My name’s Doodle I stutter monorhyme
It’s not my real name it’s what they call me
Doodle she laughs that is a crazy name

I have to obey when they command me
I am their pet robot I must rename
The Batmobile driver used to be me
They have reprogrammed me down to downtime

The naked truth is you’re wrong she tells me
The Batmobile driver you see was me


Tuesday 1 March 2016


Shoe size eleven maybe half past ten
He walks to work but doesn’t get much done
The dinosaur bell and little Big Ben
Claude the Cooper was a barrel of fun

Slipping beer to the grey that pulled the dray
Up from the brewery to the public bar
It was only his horse that knew the way
Today you couldn’t make that hill by car

Cobblestones and fiddlesticks to bedlam
Clodhopper they call him back at the yard
Hobbies are football - and hobnail hoodlum
The rubber-dub-dub - the odd game of cards

Jack and the beanstalk and his china plates
Clockwatching days at the factory gates