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Sunday 30 November 2008



My friend Anthony North at Beyond the blog! has passed on the following Reader Award:

Rules: Pass it on to five other bloggers, and tell them to open the nearest book to page 46. Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences. The closest book, not the coolest, or the one you think will sound the best. THE CLOSEST.

The closest book to my desk is called I'm Saying Nothing by Eric Topp ISBN 1-903160-07-3. Eric was a friend of ours from the Manchester Writers Group, sadly he died when he was 34 having completed thirteen novels. Three of them are in this collection.

"Nice to hear from you, can't hear you, sorry. Bye!"

There is an earthquake: I thought it was imaginary, a sympton of my over indulgence. But actually it's Janine, slamming cupboard doors.

"Shit!" She goes, "Shit, shit, shit!"

Please don’t feel pressured to take part, I'm not going to pass this on to you, but you can have a go if you like!

Hey Anthony, I'm putting a link to you in my sidebar because I'm sick of looking you up all the time...

Friday 28 November 2008

Writers Island - Memories

For the Writers Island prompt: Memories

Honky-tonk talk
New York

You can do it
and they can
do it and we
can do it too

New York talk
Don't Walk

He can do it
and she can
do it and Noel
and Liam too

But we can't
do it like they
can do it

and Lou

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Kyrielle for TOP & (not) following The Rules for RWP#54

Kyrielle (attempt).
Written for Totally optional prompts.

Do the jib, man
do the 'spare rib'
take the short cut.
Do the jib, Gibolski!

Jib, jib, jib.
Okay, yah!
I'll do my best. To,
Do the jib, Gibolski!

They've got sat nav!
Sat what? They'll be
sat there 'til Sun. or Mon!
Do the jib, Gibolski!

Amber Gambler?
Jump the light...
flash the sensor.
Do the jib, Gibolski!

Don't just sit there;
make a left...
take a right.
Do the jib, Gibolski!


Written for ReadWritePoem #54


I wish that you

could come to

visit and never

go away.

'cos you know,

I love you so,

I told you


I wish that you

would stay

forever, much

like once before.

I wish that you

could come for

crimbo, not just

Christmas day.

'cos you know,

I love you so,

I told you


I wish that you

would stay for

New Year, and

never go away!

Don't you know,

I love you so?

I told you



Sunday 23 November 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Grateful"

Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt - Grateful.


Grateful for greatfruits...
What are greatfruits grateful for?
Not being eaten!

Thursday 20 November 2008

TOP prompt

Written for TotallyOptionalPrompts


Looking at life thru the bottom

of a bottle, blue green glass, that’s me.

It’s midnight late; I’ve been waiting

for my date, since half-past eight, that’s me.

The bars in motion, music’s a commotion,

a kafuffle, that’s me.

I’ve been eighteen for nearly eight years now

and nobody knows that that's me.

If you call, don’t call me small,

call me cute and dandy Andy, that’s me.

I’m the guy, straight talking, street talking,

sweet talking, pub-poetry, that’s me.

Fourteen, twenty-one, I’ve not been sober

since last October, that’s me.

You might think it’s neat, to step on my feet,

I don’t think so, but that’s me.

Looking at life thru the bottom

of a bottle, blue green glass, that’s me.


RWP #53

This post has been written for ReadWritePoem.

Since the post a year ago on RWP #1 I have written a number of full length poems in different disguises which use this seventeen syllable sentence in way way or another. In reviewing them this morning I did notice that a few of the lines are actually fifteen or sixteen syllables here and there but anyway, if you're interested please take a look.
List of Titles.
The American Sentence RWP #1
Three to Three past Three.
Dinosaurs and Fangs.
Foreign Lands.
King of Kingston.
Wino's Bench.
2 Girls.
And Still.
Goddess of Love.
Magic Island.
Disco Very.
For Change Sake.
For the Umpteenth Time.
The above titles are all listed in my sidebar
with a clickable link under Permalinks to poetry prompts.
I nearly forgot, here's todays offering:


Hello beautiful,

goodbye painted face

You look so

beautiful now!

Hello beauty face,

goodbye old ‘boat race’

You look so

Beautiful, wow!

Hello lover,

goodbye the other you,

You look so

Beautiful, phew!


Sunday 16 November 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Stranger"

Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt: 'Stranger'.


Down on the autobahn by the funny farm where the big kickers go.

I don’t give a ruck about them, but that’s where their stiletto’s get stuck.

Him in the habit said his name was Shirley but Mummy calls him Jack.

Jack, get back in the closet, ‘cos no one cares about the things you wear.

Sam drives a Rolls Can’ardly, rolls down hills but can hardly get up ‘em.

Takes the chauffer and Daddy’s limo when he goes to town to tank up.

And Matey Minedrops is just about as ginger as his wardrobe friend.

He dresses to tease, to please himself, naked, looking in the mirror.

Then the cell phone goes, ‘pronto, yeah, yo, whats-yer-face what yer want? not now!’

When the stranger walks in, the stash goes down the pan, for the umpteenth time.


Friday 14 November 2008

Writers Island - Embarrassing predicament.

Written for the Writers Island prompt - Embarrassing Predicament.
Ever been in a situation like this before, the sergeant asks.

Miracles only ever happen behind closed doors when you’re not there.

Before you open your mouth again I should think about your thinking.

Also, it has been a long time since you last went to church on Sunday.

Really you should write to me more often, if you want to hear my news.

Rice and rice cakes are on the menu at the masked ball, don’t eat too many.

Already it’s time to go, I know you don’t want to but that’s the rule.

Someone somewhere will look back sometime and that someone will find me out.

So what do I do now, how can I ever escape these prison walls?

Me, and my big mouth, got you into this fiasco in the first place.

Even though the situation is Kafkaesque, there is still some hope.

Not a lot of people know about this secret society, yet.

Though when they do, I will not be the first to die of embarrassment.


TOP prompt "Expectations" & RWP #52 - Fears

Written for and prompted by

Totally Optional Prompts. & Read Write Poem


Expect the worst and when uni-ted

hits the fan, that’s when it happens.

You can legislate for these things,

they don’t just appear out of nowhere.

Someone, somewhere, makes them happen

and good style too by the look of it.

Who knows the why’s the what’s and

the wherefores, which way up do you flip out?

And is there actually something that

we all perhaps, should know about?

How long is it now since I first

confided in you and made you sweat?

My questions outweigh the

situational sense of expectation.

I have a deep understanding of

the workings of your inner self.

And I still desire to guide you through

this quagmire of doubt you portray.

From the very first day that you

came to me I knew what I should do.

Congratulations, annihilation of the foe,

crushed like a crumb!

Expectations, expectations, expectations,

banging on the drum!


Sunday 9 November 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Change"

Written for and inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt: Change
No matter what they
say at the soul cafe
I still want you to stay.

And I always will
'cos I love you so,
don't you know?
no matter what!

No matter what they
say at the art cafe
your music makes me sway.

And it always will
when I dance with you
so don't change things
for change sake.

Saturday 1 November 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Scandalous"

S$$ $$$ $$$S
$$$$$ $$$$$
Written for Sunday Scribblings