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Saturday 22 December 2007

Mad Kane 3 Limerick attempt.

The way you smile, I still can't forget.
I fell for you on the night we met.
When you said, you love me.
I said, I love you three!
Saucy smile, you do it for me yet.


  1. It's honest and to the point. I don't quite get the "three" at the end of the fourth line - I supposed you were trying to rhyme with "me".

    Your attempts at limericks is admirable. I didn't even try one this time. I read your love at first sight haiku also.

  2. hey this is a cool limerick...and so very romantic, may the saucy smile continue to beguile, happy holidays to you and yours :)

  3. Thanks for participating in my love prompt.

  4. hello mr talking guy, i must say your poetry doesn't do much for me on the page but i found this nice sounding open mic night in manchester if you want to give it to the world the way it was meant to be HEARD http://www.greenroomarts.org/archive/events/freed-up-9/

  5. nice peom ive been in situations like this, i love smiles lol thanks for the comment


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