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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

WI 15 This Season

This is the worst season that I hate
The thin ice is too dicey to skate
Don’t talk to me about snow
Really don’t want to know
Spring is the best time for me to date.


  1. Reading my post, you would think, this is best time to date!


    reading room

  2. I always love it here. you are bound to make me smile. I hear ya!
    give me sunshine and a pool over snow and a shovel any day!

  3. her her!!! i too would much rather have it be spring all year long!!!!

  4. I don't hate winter, just bits of it, like icey pavements and endless darkness. Your poem made me smile

  5. I like snow, but hey, I like spring too. Without the snow, for me, I'd miss all the wonder of spring, but some of you guys are just sun lovers and that is fine.

  6. What you loathe I love. Can you imagine that I wished and waited for that wish to be granted for 34 years. Here's how.


    I hope this would somehow change your mind, the snow you hate might be my wish granted.

    I wish you this season well, and since my wish of snow was granted I'm with you now wishing for spring.

    ~ Jeques

  7. I am with you here, hey, that sure was a limerick was it not? Superb...you did well.. Thank you.



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