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Thursday 17 January 2008


Magical or what?
Who can tell what the master
said about what to whom?
Where do we end all of this?
Where do we start?
And what does it matter
to the uninitiated anyway?
Do we all have to be
the greatest of our age?
Why are there so many
many different ways,
so many different paths
for us to choose from?
Is choice such a good thing
shouldn't we listen to those
who have the authority to decide?
or must we fail a time or so
before we succeed?
Is success linked to
or alienated from greed?
Is need the same thing as want?
What do we/I/You need?
What do we want?
Is want the answer or the question?
What was it that you asked?
TOP Inspired by Paisley and Giggles


  1. Touche # One of my favorite quotes is,"An expensive lifestyle is one where ... happiness is sacrificed for money, serenity for ambition and contentment for the pursuit of things."_Michael Levy. Sort of the bottom line ^^

  2. Right to the point. The last two lines are a fine finale...

  3. These questions made me think! Good job!

  4. i am honored by your mention here.. that my muse has inspired you,, makes it all worth while...

    this was a particularly lovely piece as you know i have a penchant for questioning everything... and being in such esteemed company gives me great pleasure......

  5. Lovely and thought-provoking.

    From my experience, too many choices is not a good thing.

  6. Alan,
    Thanks for the 'loaded' quote.

    Tumblewords, Mad Kane, Linda, Alina Sharon, Many Thanks for visiting.

    Paisley, thanks for the inspiration to write something for this (to me) difficult prompt. I hoped you wouldn't be too mad about giving you a deserved mention.

  7. I agree with the sentiment - far too many choices and too much greed rather than want.


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