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Wednesday 27 February 2008

TOP Send a message..

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Dilly dilly, Lavender too!

Secret incantations she chants:

We would whittle whistles with wood
We would, Willy willy, with wood.
We work with whistles, when we walk.
We would work with whistles we would!

She whispers nonsensical things
and untangles a piece of string
under the candle light she views
a ring, a room, a cat and broom
a spare chair, a candle and string.

That’s all she needs to catch a man,
she puts the gold ring on the string
and ties a knot and thinks of him.
She makes a cats cradle and chants
a secret message to her man:

Lavender's blue, Diddle diddle,
Rosemary's green.
When you are King, Diddle diddle,

I shall be Queen!


  1. I feel sorry for the man she might catch though...

  2. I somehow second Juliet.

    However, I like this. It is like a chant..

    jumping from the cliff to prove my love?

  3. Hi Steve, Thanks!

    Crafty Green, Yeah, it never stops with one spell, does it?

    Hi Gautami, I wonder if the word 'chance' comes from 'chant'?

  4. hey good one here... i wonder if she does? catch a man i mean..., that sounds so easy :)

  5. well no wonder i am still single.. i am going about it all wrong... my mother said all men want is sex... and i believed her!!!!!!

  6. Now that I'm no longer tongue-twisted :-)
    Excellent piece.

  7. Almost a lullaby...almost. A little voodoo in verse. Love it!

  8. Ul- With the 'cats cradle' with or without the chant a woman can't fail to catch a man.

    Jane- I love the name Jane, I knew a girl once called...

    Jodi- Your mother just may be right on this one..

    Anthony- Thanks, I enjoyed reading your long poem this morning.

    Tumblewords- Many thanks, all I need's a fractal now!

  9. very nice read loved how you used your words

  10. The images in the middle of this poem are so sharp and clear! I think this is one of your best!

  11. Mason, thanks for reading my poem!

    Linda, Thank you, I'll take that as a compliment..

  12. Hi Just Jen, All I can tell you is that that's how she got me!

  13. The man-catcher sounds like a dreamcatcher. Hope she gets the man of her dreams.

  14. Thanks Stan,
    Somebody else said that it sounds like a dreamcatcher. But don't you know what women dream about catching? I don't either...


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