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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Cat kidnapped and held to ransom!
Unbelievable but true...
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Raw Meat..

You can do The Sugar Shake Beat.
When you kiss my lips, sweet sweet.
You can shake your hips – like this…
When you’re dancing down the street
To the Sugar Beet Suite, that’s bliss,
Sublime, sweetness – little sweet Miss.
Yeah, that’s neat! Up outta yer seat!
Now you can do, The Sugar Shake Beat!

Go do The Sugar Shake Beat
Down at - The Sugar Beet Suite.
Yeah, you can dance, that’s neat,
Go do The Sugar Shake Beat.

If you wanna look cool, sweet chic.
Make me look a fool, sweet sweet.
You can shake your hips – like this…
This time really move your feet
At the Sugar Beet Suite, sweet bliss,
Red wine, sweet lips - little sweet Miss.
Hey, that’s cool! Who you gonna meet?
That’s what I call, The Sugar Shake Beat!


The Stones were rolling out the beat.
Made Brown Sugar neat, sweet sweet.
You can shake your hips – like this…
When you’re groovin’ to the beat
Down The Sugar Beet Suite, sweet bliss,
One step, two feet. Little sweet Miss.
You’re really dancing at the Suite!
All stand up for, The Sugar Shake Beat!
DW161007 previously published on Proper Joe's


  1. Okay, where's the music to go with it!? :) I can picture this poem very well. Nicely done!

  2. Thanks Constance, I wrote this piece for a competition where the idea was for me to write the lyrics and for somebody else to write the music. The problem was I only came second, so the musicians are working on someone else's song.

  3. Sugar cane grows wild in patches around me, and at harvest time Jan-April, on the big plantations around Kanchanaburi (bridge on the river khwai), it's an income provider for many.
    They come home dancing to the Sugar Shake Beat.

  4. Oh that's to bad - this would be a fun song! You should try again!

    *shakin my hips to the sweet sweet beat!*

  5. Nice words. And I've gone all nostalgic now. I used to play Brown Sugar in my band in the early 1970s.

  6. Hi Stan,
    Thanks for the information, maybe you can tell me what the difference is between sugar beet and sugar cane?

    Hi Texasblu,
    You're really moving now!

    Hi Anthony,
    I don't think I ever got your autograph, did I?

  7. Very doubtful. We were only a small local band. But we made quite a noise!
    And we dreamt of bigger things ;-)

  8. Thanks Anthony, and I can still hear you now..

  9. Catchy beat! As musical as ever!

  10. Hi - I'm a poet and a blogger and I've recently created a new website for all poets and poetry readers.

    I've added your link to my site and to my blog at Online Poetry and Free Poems. Would you like to link back?

    I also wanted to know if you would be interested in contributing writing to my blog, Your Poems Your Stories. (You can register for an account there
    and post your own work).

  11. Hi A K (Adamantium inside), Thanks for visiting, I've just been over at your blog - I really like your poetry.

    Hi Anna, thanks for listing me on your site(s) I'll try and put a link back to you..


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