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Saturday 3 January 2009

Sunday Scribblings "For richer or poorer"

Written for Sunday Scribblings

For richer or poorer prompt:



wife knife

trouble strife

bubble bubble

double trouble

muddle muddle

rouble rubble

golden token

kitchen wife

richer poorer

nice life



  1. Ingenious - and it reads well. Incredible!

  2. this kinda word play is fun!

  3. I like! Scary how well wife, knife, and strife rhyme! Haha! :)

  4. Hi Gautami, people seem to be bound in pairs for richer or poorer, perhaps.

    Hi Dave, they say it takes a genius to spot inguenity, I think you are incredible too!

  5. Hi Artpredator, fun, fun, fun, all the way to the pun!

    Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting STG.. It is a bit scary when you think about it!

  6. Excellent word play. Of course, life goes with wife, too ;-)

  7. Hi Anthony thanks, I didn't put wife with life because that would be a sentence.

  8. this is a fun piece! i like it.. and your explanation being bound in pairs to fit the wordplay.. perfect!

  9. Gleeful grin :D. The rhyming word pairs make this delightful despite harsh reality and shows the cycle nicely! *very* creative.

  10. This is great - cleverly done and yes, even a little scary with knife, wife and strife! Since I'm not one, it works fine! Fun, fun...

  11. Thanks Paisley, Jodi, I love your writing!

    Hi Floreta, Yep, I had fun paring this down (into pairs).

  12. Hi Gel, hope I wasn't too harsh, I don't want to upset anyone, too much.

    Thanks Sue@Tumblewords, I suppose it was a bit 'scary mary' now you put it like that. Boo!!! PS I just read your thingy about happiness over money - nice work!

  13. Excellent, wiggle wiggle I just got to giggle!!

    Loved it!

    Peace Giggles

  14. Jiggle jiggle,
    peace to you too, Giggles.

  15. No, you weren't too harsh and besides, you need to write for yourself and not worry about our feelings. (I have posted very "dark" poetry in the past. People do understand, or they skip it and don't comment. It's your blog!)

  16. Well said--in a humorous way of course!

    Interesting how marriage can always be a twist of coins--heads or tails!

    I enjoyed reading this.

    Also, I apologie for taking forever to return the favor by visiting your poetry blog as I've been busy with holiday aftermath. And I'd like to kindly thank you for stopping by mine! :)

  17. Hi Gel, many thanks for the kind words!

    Lotus, Glad you enjoyed it and Happy New Year!


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