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Saturday 31 January 2009

Sunday Scribblings - "Regrets"

Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt "Regrets"
Here we go Walter (the Jib) Gibraltar
every back street in the book (and Ancoats)
to tear your hair out just to get you hooked
some of the things those Jibbers say and do

The way they look the way they stare at you
snarl and growl ensnare you with their patter
flash twenty - land of plenty - give you five
mesmerise you with Crocodile skin shoes

Does the Jib in a strange town about noon
walks into a bar measures the fireplace
scribbles on the clipboard under his arm
National Fire Inspector he tells them

What can I do you for? asks the Landlord.
Thank you very much, I’ll have a pint please!
he downs it in one and heads for the door
has it on his toes to the next bolthole

Looks for an easy Mark turns him over
then it’s the same script in the pub next door
and on until the Blues arrive in town
then it’s Jib on Jib think and drink ‘em dry

Russian Roulette too late for last requests
breathe you live - don’t you die - there’s no regrets
and if he asks you poker faced to play
check if he’s wearing Crocs don’t cut the deck


  1. Ancoats is an area of Manchester UK, there is a street there called Every Street and the old adage goes 'Now you can say you've been down every street in Manchester!'

  2. That's certainly a fun place :-)

  3. very very clever verse - the Jib is cunning, me thinks!!!

  4. If ever in Manchester, I must visit this street. Very good post, I liked it indeed.
    Thank you for your comment.
    be well

  5. hmmm nice write...
    i actually was picturing the whole scene written here...
    cool man!!

  6. Still tapping my toes and thinking, thinking. Nice work - nice story!

  7. This one rings a bell - wasn't there a story you wrote about Walter Jibraltar?

  8. engaging verses. is russian roulette dangerous? im thinking it as a random gun draw :-(

  9. Hi Totomai, Yeah you've got it, the point I'm trying to convey is that some people (Jibbers) live like that all the time and the only way that they know they're still alive is if they can breathe.

  10. Hi Tony, fun? Every Street brings a smile to peoples faces but the poem? Phew!

    Hi Danni, there's some cunning Jibbers out there!

    Thanks Tanya, Manchester rocks! sometimes...

  11. Thanks Nairobi, there's quite a story behind this!

    Thanks Sue@Tumblewords, maybe you can feel the rythym behind my rhyme!

    Hi John and thanks, I enjoyed reading your wise words about regret today!

  12. Hi Stan, Croc's was a novel I wrote about the Jibbers at football games - how to get there for free, how to get in for free, etc.
    Walter Gibraltar was the main character and he wore Crocs... I think this was the one that broke the shredder!

  13. Mr. Jib fooling all the pub owners eh? Looked like he had fun!

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  14. This had a wonderful rhythm to it...and so cleverly written. Great read!

  15. this reads to me like song lyrics. i like it.

  16. Thanks for your comment at my blog. I love your line about russian roulette - there are no regrets when you live like that

  17. And here I thought you were talking about those ugly rubber shoes! haha! I will now play closer attention to folks wearing crocodile skin shoes. Do they make 'em still? ;)

  18. Mine's a pint of Boggarts Best mate! I always try to imagine you reading your pieces in Mancunian!Cheers.

  19. Hi Bee Bee, doing the spare rib (Jib)is a way of life to some people.

    Thanks Fledgling Poet!

    Hi Floreta, I usually end up singing everything I write...

  20. Thanks Penny, it's all or nothing with Russian Roulette!

    Hi Michelle, I forgot about them when I wrote this, my 'Crocs' pre-date the ugly rubber thingies. Yeah, Crocadile Skin Shoes, though not very pc these days are still worn by the Jibbers, they have them hand-made in London.

  21. Thanks Keith, I was down in Surrey and Kent last weekend, we went for a little drink in Dulwich Village after taking a butchers hook at the Rembrandt!

  22. HI SWG- I'll be back to read all of your posts. For now, I awarded you the Lemonade Award. Please see my blog post "Whispers and Screams"for details. Congrats!

  23. Written well. You describe a life I'm not familiar with except from reading. It sounds like one you may have lived in a way. Your writing brings this to life.

  24. Hi gel, many thanks for the Lemonade Award. Most of what I say is what I see, anything I don't know I make up!


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