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Wednesday 4 March 2009

Three Word Wednesday & RWP

Written for Three Word Wednesday - avenge, ramble, genuine
And posted to Read Write Poem - as I'm sure I had Tom's prompt
in mind when I wrote this nonsense...


Just to offend you I’ll write a sonnet

A genuine all singing sort of song

der, der, der stick that under your bonnet

A capella daaaaaah, from the rooftops bong!

I know you think I’m taking a gamble

Dangalangdangderbingbongbang, I sing

Whichever way, hitch, lift, walk or ramble

Sing, song, tune up or down this clown will ring

His bell loud from dawn to dusk to Stonehenge

And everyone will know that he pretends

When he says that he’s going to avenge

Because this little song is making friends




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  1. hahaha. i love it! :)

  2. silly songs can be a lot of fun

  3. This was so frustrating as I was trying to sing along. I'd got the beat, but learning the words ....
    Memory ain't what it used to be. So I've compromised:

    Da, da, da, di, da, da, di ... :-)

    By the way, loved it!

  4. lol! This was clever and made me laugh. I especially love the title! :P

  5. this one's so funny and unique. i love it! great to read (sing!) out loud.

  6. Not since Joyce have I enjoyed words so much.

  7. what a fun piece of writing, loved it!

  8. Hi Impudence, thanks for visiting STG.. Glad you liked it!

    Thanks Pia, this really is a silly song!

    Hi Tony, 'old on a mo' I think this might be a NaisaiKu..
    Da da
    da de da
    da di
    DA DE DA
    id ad
    ad ed ad
    ad ad
    or perhaps it's just 17 monosyllabic words in three columns
    or seven lines of... was that the alarm clock?

  9. Hi FP, I love to make people laugh, I think the title's the best bit too!

    Thanks Floreta, did you really sing it?

    Thanks ThomG, and many thanks for the prompt too, I really enjoyed 'solving' this one!

  10. Hi Ande, now that really is a compliment, next time I'm in Dublin I'll have my photo taken next to his statue in O'Connell Street...

    Thanks Christy, It's fun, fun , fun!!

  11. Crazy and wonderful! You've got the greatest funny bone!

  12. Thanks Linda, and sometimes when I rub it, it tickles me pink!

  13. Still humming and I can't hum. Perfect - full of humor, fun and no little bit of glib. Great stuff...

  14. Well, that was certainly fun!

  15. Sing a song for me also:) Tararumpum.

  16. Haha! This was funny and not like the stuff I generally read or attempt to write! This has made sure I will keep coming back for sure!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog :D

  17. Damn!!! I so nearly did one :-)

  18. Dream on Tony!

  19. i sing along
    loved it!

  20. Okay, okay
    I said okay
    Said I
    SAID I
    Said I
    I said okay
    Okay, okay


    By the way, I've thought about your comment on my longggggg story and decided to cut future instalments down.

  21. A very sonic use of the sonnet form. I like.


  22. Sonnets aren't usually my thing, but this was a fun and energetic read. Thanks.


  23. Hi Tony. You're a STAR*** Thanks for taking the NaisaiKu.. Challenge!!!

  24. Thanks Sue@Tumblewords don't hum for too long - if the wind changes...

    Hi Angel, Fun? It was!!!

    Hi Pretty You!! I love your smiley face!

  25. Hi Jeeves, Tararumpum to you too!

    Hi RV thanks and many thanks for signing up as a follower of STG.. I'm not sure about all this following thing but if I do get my act together I'll be doing reciprocal links, if you know what I mean!

    Hi rmilana, I'm still singing it! Love your blog, by the way!!!

  26. Hi Nicole, sonic? that sounds cool, thank you!

    Hi Zero Anon, Welcome to STG.. many thanks for visiting and commenting.

  27. I know that you know the difference between a hawk and a handsaw, no matter which way the wind is blowing and I loved this crazy poem.

    It tore into my brain like a handsaw. Or more like a hawk into a hernshaw. And I liked it.

  28. Hi Chris, Thank you, whichever way you put it it sounds painful! The remedy is to add a tablespoonful of sugar to a glass of coca cola and to down it in one gulp! (children, don't try this at home).

  29. Wonderful. I love the sonnet structure and it's even more fun like this. This is great fun to read aloud, but you probably already know that :)

  30. Ow, I like this silly sonnet very much and your Naisaku was great also. As I have already said.


  31. SingalongaSTG - I think if it doesn't have a bit of der, der, der in it, it's not a real song

  32. Hi James, it was great fun to write, but I've been told it hurts a few peoples heads when I recite it (better not say sing, trade descriptions act and all that!) but some famous person said recently: 'Can you call it fun if no one ever gets hurt?' so I guess I'm doing something right, maybe?

  33. Ow, thanks Bd, I love silly!

    Hi Stan, I don't know about that, I did a da, da, da! once!!!


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