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Monday 27 April 2009

NaPoWriMo (27) Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Written for NaPoWriMo day twenty-seven
and for Monday Poetry Train Revisited
and posted to The NaiSaiKu Challenge?
Inspired by Gautami Tripathy

Mundane meltdown mood
cream and chocolate sprinkles
on triple sundae
my Sunday tipple
vodka, creme de banana
melts moody Monday

Now go to The American Sandwich game...


  1. Can a meltdown be mundane? Don't they always have a certain flair?

  2. The Naisaiku seems to be evolving.

    I have tomorrow earmarked for Naisaiku and my first ever attempt at an American sandwich. I like the sundae/Sunday word play and the movement from 'triple' to 'tipple'.

  3. It isn't supposed to melt a moody Monday. Ah..well..

    I like the play of words here. And how long is that play of WORDS going to go on?

    Extending a hand, perhaps?!

  4. I'd prefer your Mondays to Sundays :-)

  5. My thoughts are in all the wrong places with this one. Sorry!

  6. I like the three lines plus the title format of Naisaiku best and this one is excellent with its wordplay!

  7. very tempting! your poem makes my mouth water!

  8. Hi Julia, yeah, I know what you mean, but if you stand well back, they do become a bit mundane after a few! Okay, maybe not, of course you are right. The truth is I just liked the way the words sounded!

    Hi Carole, I like to mess with things, but don't really want to stray too far with this form. Thanks!

  9. Hi Gautami, I do get a bit carried away with myself, sometimes. Thanks for extending the olive branch!

  10. Thanks Tony!

    Hi Lluvia, thanks for visiting STG..

    Thanks Linda, you can't beat a bit of wordplay, can you?

    Hi Artpredator, loved both your posts today, memembering... phew!


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