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Thursday 16 February 2012

Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 16

Haiku Challenge 2012

Here's mine:

The Deafblind Manual Alphabet is the best way to communicate with someone who is Deafblind. In fact it would be a sin not to try to communicate with them. You can learn it quickly, and here's how you do it. Stick out your index finger (that's the long one next to your thumb) on your right hand. Fold your other fingers out of the way. Think of this finger as your pen. You are going to use it to write - not on paper, but on your deafblind friends left hand which they will hold out for you.

She holds out her hand
He spells out L~O~V~E


Here's some links to a Deafblind writer, her Newsletter, and her Weblog!

Here's something after the manner of a Haibun that I did in 2010

Finally here's my day sixteen from 2011 the prompt was actually suggested by our host today, SiS.


  1. This is so beautiful, Andy!

  2. Very Thoughtful.
    'In fact it would be a sin not to try to communicate with them.'
    True,After all they are made of flesh and bones too..and shouldnot be deprived of a Normal Life.
    The Haiku,is touching. :)

  3. very thoughtful...I like the haibun ~

  4. Ah, Andy. I am visually challenged and this stuck a deep chord in me. Very nice.

  5. I really liked this! So many people are reluctant to try to communicate with anyone "different." My sister in law became deaf, and I tried (badly) to use signing with her. As she was just learning herself, it was a mess, but we both got a laugh out of it.

  6. Awesome! The haiku is so touching! Very well done!

  7. Beautifully penned, Andy!! Thank you for the information and the message! :)

  8. Andy! I'd say 'Beautiful Communication' ~
    In fact it would be a sin not to try to communicate with them'. Hats off to your haibun and thanks for remembering my prompt suggestion, 'Chime'.. Thanks!

  9. Excellent. Beautiful take on the prompt.


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