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Saturday 2 May 2020

napowrimo 2020 conclusion

napowrimo 2020 conclusion
Another napowrimo (poetry writing month) completed. This was my twelfth year of doing the thirty poems in thirty days challenge. The thing I had found in previous years was that two or three pieces would work out well and the rest would be pretty much discarded. This year, looking back over my entries I can't find one that I'm totally happy with. However, I think the point of the exercise is to produce a new piece of work each day, and as far as that goes I feel this has been a success. I will leave you with my favourite poem from the thirty published, REALLY BAD POETS (LIKE ME) which I think just about sums up the whole situation for me. Before I go, may I say congratulations to everybody who completed this years challenge.

Bad poets are really baaad
bad because we wanna be really baaad
Sad as it may seem to the educated
dreamer really baaad poets are bad
because they wanna be baaad
They repeat themselves too much
such and such rhyme all the time
internally and end line
Force the silly billy iambic pentameter
mount the syllabic count down to the ground
surround their act with half baked jokes
Baaad poets are really bad
baaad because we wanna be really bad
Stanza's verses couplets quatrains
we might as well be cleaning drains
nobody listens when we hum
or reads much beyond line one
But writing poetry can be fun
and I for one know that it keeps
me bleep bleep mad insane
a crazy simple writing game
Perhaps some baaad poets like me
only crave the irresistibility of mediocrity
that Wilde spoke about in Dorian Gray
then again maybe we wanna be bad
Sometimes we tell lots of lies
and plagiarise surprise surprise
Haiku Sudoku which one would you do
something simple cinquain please explain
Here we go again really baaad poets
like me (and I like them too) are bad
because we wanna be baaad

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