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Thursday 18 October 2007

TOP 2 Lute - Player

Lyre and flute you play each day
the wood wind sends a shrill thrill,
songs we used to make love to
the lute player is no liar!


  1. I like the word play and the loss written here.

  2. Like tumblewords, I too like the word play.

  3. Thanks for visiting...
    I am working my way through the authors listed on Totally Optional Prompts and I have been very impressed with all the sites I have visited... Keep it up folks!

  4. how absolutely clever of you,, i don't know how i have missed coming here in the past,, but i assure you i will not be missing your posts in the future... bravo!!

  5. This is what poetry should be: fun and serious at the same time! ~Linda

  6. Enjoyable in its own right, yet feels like it's filtered right through the prompt piece. Nice work. I'm visitor 1001.

  7. Well, I guess I'll never know who the 1,000th visitor to SweetTalkingGuy was, so I guess the prize (what prize?) goes to a.decker who was visitor 101. Thanks to everyone who visited today, anyway! and for all the comments. I'm taking down the 'Are you the 1,000th visitor?' notice as of now and am puting the meter back in a less obvious place as the numbers don't really matter - but it was good fun!


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