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Tuesday 16 October 2007

TOP 1 Salt Girl, A Poem, Plucky Pluckers.

Taste it with your tongue
lick it from my lips
my neck my breast
my hips my lips
and salivate inside
until you come
back to the sea.

A short story is
so many words
a novelette is
a little longer but
shorter than a novel.
And a poem,
a really short poem
can say more in
just a few lines,
in one thought almost,
than a trillion epic volumes,
written by the wrong man.

Talent is a
two way street
a dead heat in an
egg and spoon race.
We've all got it,
but for what?
And where is it?
Even if you can
find it - define it?
How does one
express it?
When there's so
many other happy
go plucky pluckers
out there!


  1. how funny that out of these three 'A POEM' is the one that's not poetry! it is however the first first sensible thing i've read on this blog today so well done!

  2. Thanks Ruth, You're not the first person to tell me that my poems aren't poetry - I just write them, sometimes they work - but you know what they say? They say: You can't please everybody all the time! (don't they?) Anyway...


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