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Thursday 22 November 2007


Don’t know much about the turkey thing
Don’t know much Thanksgiving
Don’t know much about dollars + cents
Don’t know much about the Presidents

Don’t know much about Boston Tea
Don’t know much I’m from the old country
Don’t know much about Apple pie + cream
Don’t know much about The American Dream!

But I do know what love can do
And I know that if your dreams come true
What a wonderful world this would be.

'Wonderful World' written by Sam Cooke, Lou Adler + Herb Alpert
first performed by Sam Cooke 1957
Italics by Danny Wise 2007


  1. I do know that I like this a lot. Thanks for posting it...

  2. Very natty indeed. So are you really a Manc? I hail from there too.

  3. Gautami, thanks for your kind comment.

    Jo, 'fraid so, It's a small world this global village - I probably even know someone you know!

    Thirty-one visitors, thanks for visiting!

  4. So which bit do you hail from? I was born in Hope Hospital, lived in Boothstown, then Eccles and then my parents jumped ship and went down South (well to the Midlands) when I was 16 (though I did end up going back there to uni).

  5. Born in south Manchester,
    brought up in Sale - nothing exiting - moved south to Jersey then London, back north to Manchester (Didsbury Village)
    then Salford (Pendleton)
    and finally to Bohemian Moss Side.

  6. Ah, I lived in Didsbury when I was at uni, and spent many a night in Moss Side.


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