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Wednesday 21 November 2007


dream walk
it should have been a breeze a walk
in the park but there were no trees
or grass the earth was parched dry and
sun cracked – we walked with the other
safari tourists through this place

this barren land - keeping to the
makeshift road following the tyre
tracks of a thousand 4X4’s
that come and go through this harsh land
with its hard baked sand and no wind

then we saw all the dead monkeys
piled high alongside the road
all their tails had been cut-off
why? What for? we kept on walking

on the other side of the track
an even bigger stack of dead
lion and tiger cubs rotting
but not even a bird came to
pick their bones in this desert place

moving talking amongst ourselves
until we saw them sitting there
they looked like they were dead at first
they sat there absolutely still

shuffling uncomfortably
we shuddered as we passed them by
blood spurting out from one mans nose
we can’t believe they’re still alive

a little girl on the tour said:
look daddy that man's not quite dead
but her father dragged her away
‘they haven’t killed the natives yet’

at the end of the walk there was
a stack of leather shoes and some
old cosmetics and toiletries

when we reached the safari lodge
hotel no-one wanted to eat
except one man who insisted
on tasting the monkey-tail soup.


  1. This is pretty scary, too.

  2. What a powerful dream. I have come to find that my darker dreams are some of my most important dreams... First, I can not loose the imagery, so I must be with them... I said this to someone else on the island, that sometimes I must, this is my thing, I'm not saying anyone else should do so, but sometimes I must rewrite the story. But that is only after I have sat with the images and feelings the dream has evoked in me. This is one that will not be forgotten...

  3. Very nice work - th strong, dark imagery is nicely written.

  4. I agree, so very powerful and deep, I am yet to catch dinner - not sure I would eat either...definitely made my stomach churn...very well written, thank you for sharing.

  5. Very powerful and deep. Thanks for posting this. We need this reminder of our own follies.

  6. I'm t hinking and dreaming along those lines all the time. Excellent scary poem

  7. What a nightmare this dream turns out to be ... a well written piece that makes one reflect on the decadence of life!

  8. Chilling dreaming...not without a bit of reality.

  9. Many thanks to all of you for visiting and a special thank-you to Richard, Lea, Hungry Ghost, Ul, Gautami, Crafty Green Poet, Fenny and Tumblewords for leaving a comment.


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