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Saturday 26 July 2008

Rockin' Chair Writers. Prompt #4.

The Rockin' Chair Writers prompt today was :
When you seek out entertainment to relax,
what gives you the most pleasure?
For me, that has to be my blue suede shoes..

Blue suede, blue suede, blue suede shoes.
He only wears blue suede shoes.

Red ones green ones pink won’t do.
She only wears blue suede shoes.

Big ones, bad ones, baseball boots.
They only wear blue suede shoes.

Fab fit, phat fit, flat flip-flops.
Fi only wears blue suede shoes.

Winkle Pickers in the news.
I only wear blue suede shoes.

Eat your heart out Elvis P.
We only wear blue suede shoes.


  1. Love those blue suede shoes. The poem gives a nice tempo and a place to imagine.

  2. Arn't you gonna gift me a pair?!


  3. And if I'd had some, they'd have been dancing away to that :-)

  4. Thanks Brian!

    Hi Gautami, There's a pair on its virtual way to you..

    Hi Anthony, a sort of soft shoe shuffle perhaps?


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