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Thursday 24 July 2008


There’s only one way in, the tour guide tells us, as we prepare to jump.
We didn’t think about how we would get out of these foreign lands then.

As the aeroplane disappears, we begin to realise where we are.
Surrounded by an angry mob with guns in a small jungle clearing.

Yagadee baskins alba Choggludities! Their leader screams at us.
What’s he saying? All our group ask the tour guide to interpret at once.

With a fresh smile on his face he replies, Welcome to Choggludities!
Relieved momentarily, we relax till the shouting starts again.

Yest emen claxstungbery! Byst chem nader ich icer!
The brigand continues threateningly, screaming and pointing his gun.

The tour guide starts to look worried now that the great oaf has stopped yelling.
You will enjoy yourself! He starts to interpret, then adds; but not here!



  1. These Club 18-30 jobs are killers, aren't they? ;-)
    Loved the irony at the end.

  2. Thanks Anthony, they've certainly got a short life expectancy!

  3. Sounds like the holiday of a lifetime - literally!

  4. A nifty read - brings up all sorts of thoughts...and a giggle or two.

  5. oh dear, that's quiet an adventure! i love the humor in this piece.

  6. Great poem!!

    I loved the last line...it was almost an order...You will enjoy yourself!

    So cool...as usual.

    I had a limerick for TOP and it's an almost romantic honeymoon cruise


  7. Hi Stan, Yeah they're dieing to get out.

    Thanks Tumblewords, glad you had a giggle - nifty!

    Thanks Odessa, I can't stay serious for long..

    Hi Bev, You got it.. I originaly 'found' the 'you will enjoy yourself..' quote on a campsite noticeboard at Interlaken. it read:'Welcome to the Jung Frau Camp. You will enjoy yourself!' and some wag had scrawled underneath 'but not here' in felt tip pen.


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