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Thursday 30 October 2008

Rick Mobbs - Last image prompt.

Re-Written for the final Rick Mobbs image prompt.
The Martians are laughing at the odd, man-made dog, who 'conquered' the moon.
Soon they'll reveal themselves as the little 'tin gods' that they think they are.
They'll emerge from the shadows, throwing hot rocks at the automaton.

That poor dog, no space tree to bark at, legless, stranded, like a dead duck!
The Martians, standing there like Montezuma, ejaculating fire.
Spurting from every orifice and projectile of their tall tin frame.

But NASA will cut the delayed transmission - to the people on earth.
A million Internet flunkies will never quite know what's just gone wrong.
They press a button, terminate the session, find something else to do.

You think I'm kidding, maybe? the Martians will be laughing at us soon!


  1. Not only the Martians - and at times like this, it's a wonder we can't already hear the giggles.

  2. Hi Stan, I think you're right, somebody out there is waiting and watching that's for sure!

  3. What if we are the Martians and they are the original land owners?

  4. Hi Brad, I never thought of that but thinking of it now, you may well be right. You often hear about the bloke who shot himself in the foot, don't you?

    Just a bit of fun!


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