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Tuesday 28 October 2008

TOP prompt - Totally optional option!

Posted for Totally Optional Prompts
I elected to take the totally optional option this week.


The first time,
you're really subjective,
autobiographical, almost.

Then later when you've
had time to shop around,
you get objective,
pessimistic, almost.

And then, when you find
your 'own voice' you become
romantic, optimistic, almost.

But they do say that:
'Patience is a virgin', almost!


  1. A realistic look at the evolutiom of attitudes.

  2. You are having too much fun with this, almost!

  3. Thanks Stan, I love the way The Fourth Millennium is evolving! Just read the seventh post.

    Hi Rick, thanks for visiting STG.. You must be really busy! I think that's a great idea about the CO's and a realtime interactive website sounds fantastic!

  4. The best poem I've read this week, almost.
    Seriously though, it's a serious bit of fun. I enjoyed it muchly.

  5. I can't make my mind up about this one.
    just kidding ;-)

  6. This is fine work! Almost is a perfect title and stanza end...fits so well...

  7. Thanks Dave, you almost, had me going then.

    Hi Anthony, many thanks for reading this!

  8. Hi Sue @ Tumblewords, Thanks for your very kind comment.

  9. Such fun--reminds me of Ogden Nash's piece (I think it's Nash's, at any rate) "What a queer bird, the frog are."

  10. Great last line!!

  11. Hi DP, don't know that one but what a compliment! My fave Nash rhyme is his one about the glasses, I'll have to go and look all this up now! Wasn't it about getting old? Over forty or something? anyway...

    Hi Gautami, That's what it was all about! Thanks!!!


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