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Saturday 18 October 2008

Sunday Scribblings "My Style"

Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt : My Style



Fake this line, write it in quick time slowly

Right side up wrong side down which way to go

Everest is the highest mountain still

Every day someone tries to change the rules

So you want to know what my style is hey?

Then you’re going to have to give and take

Yesterday was different to today

Lines come and go, tomorrow who can tell?

Every day is different to the next.

I’ve not got a lot to say about form

Soon there will be more forms than there are poems

Many times I try to do the right thing

Yet, every time I fail and fail again.

Still want to know hey? Freestyle is my style

Too many people try to get it right

Yesterday was simple, now things are hard.

Lessons are continually being taught

Every day something new makes me forget.



  1. this is a sort of riddle isn't it? but i think i've cracked it. if you read the first letter of each line downwards it spells out FreeStyleSsMyStyle

    clever you!

  2. I'm with you on this one. I try to make my style mine, and no one elses.

  3. Fun and witty read.
    Freestyle is your style, eh!
    Well you may have got it right,no failing w/freestyle!

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. Please add me to your blogging friends and come and see me again. I like your freestyle poetry. I prefer freestyle as well. Hugs to you.

  5. Hi Mc, you nearly got it right but you spelt it wrong. Well spotted though!

    Thanks Anthony, you really do have style.

  6. Hi Tammie Lee, thanks, and thanks for visiting STG..

    Hi Jadey, nice to meet you and I'll add you to my links, with pleasure.

  7. I liked this. Individuality!

    Don't know if you realize it, but soem code is showing up in the post.

  8. In your own style - with style!

  9. This is what I call Style with a capital S. Clever stuff

  10. Quite brilliant - I laughed a lot and nodded my head even more. Thanks

  11. Thanks Stan, just a bit of fun!

    Hi Keith, you're too kind. Loved your piece!

  12. Hey Keith, I've got a link to your site on my other blog Proper Joe's but it should really be on STG... I'll update it!

    Thanks Dave, it was just one of those mad moments!

  13. Thanks Angel! It doesn't show in Firefox, but you've got me worried now. What browser do you use?

  14. It's like that on mine, too. I thought you were doing it on purpose, that it was your "style" but I can see it is that way on your previous post, too.

    Love the poem, though!

  15. Thanks Linda, I really don't know what's gone wrong but I'll look into it now.

  16. Freestyle can change with you and remain totally you.

  17. Thanks Tammy and I enjoyed reading your candid post today.

    Hi Crafty Green, I'll take that as a compliment.

  18. I really liked the poem! It has a style that can never be mine, as I'm not that clever with my writing! Job well done!

    Thanks for commenting..I have to laugh at your comment about me being busy though, because that post didn't have the half of it! Read on to find out just how busy I am! *LOL*

  19. Thanks Vicki, I'll be back over at your blog as soon as I can find a spare minute!

  20. and i dare say one could barely get freer that that style!!!!!

  21. You have a witty style, I love it. This was fun to read and must have been even more fun to write. Very clever. Thanks for stopping by to read my post and commenting.

  22. Hi Jodi, Your right but you know what they say? When it's this bad it has to be good!

  23. Thanks mgirl, It's just a bit of fun!

    Paisley, sorry about the spelling mistake above your should read you're

  24. You certainly captured freestyle with the poem. Cute.

  25. Hi~tamy 3 sides, Thanks for visiting STG..

  26. You prove that Freestyle is definitely Style! I love your contradictions, especially "quick time slowly." And I enjoy your resonant sounds that don't quite rhyme, as well as the internal rhymes ("not got a lot etc).

  27. Thanks Granny, you certainly know your stuff!
    Don't you just love contradiction?

  28. I try to do the right thing and fail and fail again... yep. Been there. Lived it. Might even tell the tale.

    Very clever freestyle!

  29. You've got it down pat! Freestyle is the best, no rules just be yourself! Well done!

  30. great post, I dig the code!

  31. Great stuff. I love the Pythonesque irony.

  32. Thanks Susan, they say it's a cyclic thing..

    Hi Giggles, Thanks for that!

  33. Thanks Surrealmuse, I tried to hide it (only joking!)

    Hi Brad, You're the first one to notice! Thanks.


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