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Wednesday 15 October 2008

Read Write Poem #48 Collaborative

Written for the collaborative prompt from Read Write Poem


As yet I don’t know which words to delete

Antiquated meditation, perhaps.

Untouched, nobody guards his artefacts,

sacred tribal tatterdemalion

now lost in the courtyards of his villas.

I attempt to scavenge some of the junk

and recognise the badge of civil chrome

on the parked cars belonging to the host

across the alleys, gleaming in the sun.

Nowadays though he hardly leaves the house,

if he resurfaces the Pap’s will pounce,

they scream obscenities in his front yard

and slink away to jettison their bile.

His brilliant tablature will not deplete.



  1. The price you pay for fame - at least he was famous once!
    I posted an alternative for TOP - check it out.

  2. You put up the TOP link at RWP and vice versa! No that it matters to me, I would have anyways, visited both!

    And no need to delete any words!

  3. I love the first line! Sitting, as it does, in such a self-referential way. I laughed (but quietly, because I am at work).

  4. Hi Stan, yeah they tell me he was quite a self important guy, I believe he was famouse in his own courtyards!

    Thanks Disturbed Stranger, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Many thanks Gautami, I knew something was wrong but I hadn't figured it out, I've re-posted on RWP
    thank you.

    Hi Tom, anything to make you laugh! By the way did you know that I'm on a whisky diet? I lost three days the first week!

  6. a fine response to the prompt, and I enjoyed the clever intro... ;)

  7. Thanks Rob, I'm pleased that you enjoyed it.

  8. Getting down to the nitty-gritty here. The best form of fame is definitely that of the writer. He can become a household name, yet no one recognises him.

  9. Thanks Anthony, I'll take your word for that!


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