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Friday 24 April 2009

NaPoWriMo (24) The American Sandwich

Written for NaPoWriMo day twenty-four.
Posted to Monday Poetry Train Revisited
Also linked this to Saturday Scribes
and any suggestions please?

How to play The American Sandwich game:
Write a piece of flash fiction in just three American Sentences.
Allen Ginsberg's American Sentence has seventeen syllables.
Your task is to use as few words as possible to fill the sandwich.
Here's mine:

I carved a message on your tree, I put it there for all and sundry.
A heart, an arrow, and my name linked to yours, perhaps eternally.
Maybe, I should have waited, will my love be reciprocated?

The Haunted House pics of my Jack and his band are on this POST


  1. Nicely done !! i wish to put a reply to it ...

  2. Thanks Jeeves, I like to get these things off my chest.

    Hi Pretty You!! I'm waiting anxiously...

  3. that unwritten, unspoken messages
    on the tree with the heart and the arrow,
    all intertwined, entangled so
    Who in the world can get around saying no

  4. Hi Gautami,
    I'm still waiting
    for my princess
    to untangle the
    mixed metaphors
    of the unspoken,
    the unwritten,
    and perhaps,
    the unseen messages
    on the poetry tree.
    only then will I be free!

  5. That's so cool to see one poem inspire another like that (I went and read Pretty Me's response). And they work so well together! A burgeoning love story, indeed.

  6. untangling
    the entangled words
    from the imagery
    of the poetry tree
    can set you both free
    if only one of you
    lets it be

    and why not

    words for poets
    can go in any direction
    pouring all its worth
    back and forth
    yet keeping something


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