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Saturday 25 April 2009

NaPoWriMo (25) Saturday Scribes & ReadWritePoem

Written for NaPoWriMo day 25
I got the inspiration for this twin poem from two sources
Firstly from a prompt I saw on
‘A woman left a poem for the milkman instead of a note.’
And secondly from the
Saturday Scribes prompt:
Write a twin poem. With the theme; ‘What we need.’

My Mad Method: I wrote two poems, 1, a note for the milkman,
2, a little love poem. Then I cut out each line with a pair of
Scissors and randomly reconstructed the poems, the result is below.

I wrote a note For the milkman
Two pints of sterra For the acrobat
A bokkle of orange To take to work
A pint of Jersey milk For her cornflakes
And a dirty big carton Packed with cream
Not the whatsit fingy Not that thin stuff
But the proper job Deep Devon clotted
A lump of sugar A slice of saffron cake
To suck in the rain The Hog’s pudding’s rising
This is a wish list
But somehow you know He got this poem instead
What we need is this I love you when I wake
I love you when I ache I love you in the morning
You’re my favourite Cup cake, butter fingers
If the truth be known
If you like this you'll love The American Sandwich game.


  1. I love it! I like the way all the parts managed to fit together. I think I might try that technique next time, of cutting up the lines and rearranging them.

    My mom and I got addicted to cream teas when we were traveling in England. Scones just aren't the same without Devonshire double cream. ;-)

  2. Cutting, and fitting poem. I love this technique. I think I will try this sometime!

    And its every woman's secret wish, to be loved like one loves that cup cake sucking at the butter fingers!


  3. Thanks D R, Yeah, Devonshire clotted cream is the business!

    Hi Gautami, thanks, and many thanks for the insight!

  4. S.T.G.,

    I admire your tenacity.

    Sincere best wishes.

    (I tried your technique
    and all i made was
    a pot holder.)

  5. Calling
    Card <3
    You’ve just
    been visited by

  6. I'm amazed that your method resulted in a poem that fits together so well. I guess that's the beauty of randomness.

  7. good one...and i really like this method also

  8. Hey STG - Just thought I'd let you know that your cut-and-paste idea inspired me to try something, which resulted in this poem:

    A Hesitation Before Birth

  9. Very interesting, this cutting of each line with a pair of scissors. Love the part after 'this is a wish list'.

  10. SO much fun! I like doing this with my journal entries, randomly cutting and pasting days of my life together. Makes me laugh! - Meg


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