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Friday 8 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 2011 Day Eight

Thank you for taking a moment to read this.
The prompt was to write the weirdest poem.
Posted to Writer's Island

Satkona inverted automata
Automata and connective-physics
Connected with rosicrucianism
Rosicrucian and eroticism
Erotica can be detrimental
Detrimental like the denial of gods...

God the gods and Enochian magic
Enochian magic and the others
Other one's other worlds Metaphysics
Metaphysical help I don't meat-eat
Eating away at playing with tantric
Tantric guru something remedial
Remedial mantra for my yantra
Yantra held star of David Satkona



  1. That was a very odd, interesting read. Sort of a cross between six degrees of separation, acrostic poetry, and heaven knows what else. :)

  2. Brilliant explanation of the dream I had last night...!
    Love the end of line acrostic anagram - cass.c slams glam...!

  3. Totally beyond me. I dig it, but...

  4. Thanks Mad, heaven knows what else is about the closest!

    Stan, there are some anagrams hidden in the riddle but I think you got yours wrong as there is no 'g' in the end line. Thanks for playing along!

    Thanks Tilly Bud, I baffle myself sometimes!

    Sorry Ron, it's hurting my head too!

  5. Love it, Andy, what a fun ride with your words:)


  6. This hurt my brain! And I don't mean that as a bad thing, either. You really rose to the challenge.

    Amy BL

  7. Very interesting form - is there a name for it? Jimmy Fallon did a spoken word thing last night similar in style to this. Poetry - and especially spoken word - is changing so fast these days. I can't keep up!

  8. Oh, my! Didn't understand all of what you were saying...but recognized some fascinating things that you were able to incorporate all into one WEIRD poem! Way to go!

  9. Thank you all for reading my weird poem. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get round to everybody else's work yesterday and today, but I will catch up when I can.

  10. Hi ZouxZoux, I don't have a name for this form although I'm provisionally calling it FlameThrower! I will be writing more about it on this blog before the end of April.


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