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Friday 24 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #24

Fanny said she wanted to play scrabble
picked up her cue and made a hundred break
The Riddler said scrabble is for rabble
Batman and Robin and that kind of freak

She shivers like crazy hates nudity
He shoots a double whammy towards her
She looks away thinking of the city
but the rotor lifts then sticks in her fur

If I had a relation in this town
she thinks I could beat that boo boy Riddler
equip me with a crib and dressing gown
paste him to the roof and call him fiddler

Like a jig-saw puzzle with missing tiles
central to her life another locus
she negates the future and walks for miles
putting the hex on his hocus pocus

Acre arcing she completes her mileage
crossing the diode bridge to Washington
pushing The Riddler into the silage
of his own mind the smell starts wafting down

She wished she could be gored by someone's horns
and vault into the ether not been born
24042020/Prompted by El Cashew

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