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Saturday 25 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #25 coronavirus 27

Covid-19 and all of that virus
Harry and the haberdashers of flash
never had it so good lay low furlough
papyrus poppycock and balderdash

Trumpington went up Capitol Hill
to fetch some disinfectant
the fool fell down the joke rebounds
amid much peals of laughter

Beetroot spaghetti and cornflake confetti
with cold stirred fried rice make something quite good
to chuck at the bride at her wedding day brunch
but there's owt for nowt in the lunch time steaks

They cook their own on their burner phones
with the red hot potato of HS2
the farcical social distance express
of parliament having returned from recess

They launch their new thingy into infinity
only to watch it crash into the night
King Karloff's website and all his henchmen
couldn't book tests for the nation again

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