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Friday 14 November 2008

TOP prompt "Expectations" & RWP #52 - Fears

Written for and prompted by

Totally Optional Prompts. & Read Write Poem


Expect the worst and when uni-ted

hits the fan, that’s when it happens.

You can legislate for these things,

they don’t just appear out of nowhere.

Someone, somewhere, makes them happen

and good style too by the look of it.

Who knows the why’s the what’s and

the wherefores, which way up do you flip out?

And is there actually something that

we all perhaps, should know about?

How long is it now since I first

confided in you and made you sweat?

My questions outweigh the

situational sense of expectation.

I have a deep understanding of

the workings of your inner self.

And I still desire to guide you through

this quagmire of doubt you portray.

From the very first day that you

came to me I knew what I should do.

Congratulations, annihilation of the foe,

crushed like a crumb!

Expectations, expectations, expectations,

banging on the drum!



  1. Love those last few lines! I can hear the drum!

  2. Thanks Linda, I feel a bit of a beat in the last sentence myself.

  3. 'uni-ted' happens!
    This is a piece that puts expectations under the microscope. It really emphasises the relentlessness of how we're constantly faced with expectation.

  4. Expectations are certainly everywhere, always. Voiced and unvoiced. This is a lovely rhythmic piece!

  5. Deep and insightful.
    But they're only there because we expect them to be ;-)

  6. Hi Stan, thanks, and because there's an I in uni-ted, there's probably a champ-ion-ship in there somewhere, if you get my drift?

    Thanks Sue at Tumblewords, you're too kind!

    Hi Anthony, expectations? I expect!

  7. Hi Gautami, there's something about that beat, I expect!

  8. I agree. Very rhythmic, pleasant to read, yet left me with questions. To squirm under the microscope and sweat is human, to admit to it is divine?

    Good work.


  9. Hi Nicole,
    I believe that we can take control of our expectations but I think that we must take action steps towards achieving them as an experiential reality.

    I don't know how divine that is!
    Questions are good, aren't they?

  10. Ditto Linda's observation -- a powerful, visceral couplet slams this piece closed with force... BOOM!

  11. Re: your American sentence - now there's an american sentence.

  12. Thanks Rob, love the BOOM!

    Hi Richard, I wrote it with your words in mind!

    Hi Philip, my son's a drummer and I can feel the vibes shaking the house right now!

  13. agree!it makes one feel the boom!

  14. Thanks Annamari!


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