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Friday 14 November 2008

Writers Island - Embarrassing predicament.

Written for the Writers Island prompt - Embarrassing Predicament.
Ever been in a situation like this before, the sergeant asks.

Miracles only ever happen behind closed doors when you’re not there.

Before you open your mouth again I should think about your thinking.

Also, it has been a long time since you last went to church on Sunday.

Really you should write to me more often, if you want to hear my news.

Rice and rice cakes are on the menu at the masked ball, don’t eat too many.

Already it’s time to go, I know you don’t want to but that’s the rule.

Someone somewhere will look back sometime and that someone will find me out.

So what do I do now, how can I ever escape these prison walls?

Me, and my big mouth, got you into this fiasco in the first place.

Even though the situation is Kafkaesque, there is still some hope.

Not a lot of people know about this secret society, yet.

Though when they do, I will not be the first to die of embarrassment.



  1. So much to answer for - Kafka and I never got on - maybe I should go back and try again.

  2. Hi Stan, I'll be over at your blog later, got some jobs to do here now, put the cat out and all that! I think you'd like 'The Trial' and also the film version that was made in the nineties is so true to the text of the book. Have you seen his play 'Metamorphoses'? Anyway..

  3. What?? I think I totally missed the point of this whole post! At this moment I'm even wondering if this made sense. *LOL*

    Silly me left you a note on your "changes" post again today, instead of your more recent posts, but I don't know how Blogger is set up, so wanted to let you know it was there.


  4. Hi Vicki, got your note and your e-mail.

    Yeah, this 'poem' is a bit like the emperor's new clothes and I guess you're the 'someone' who has found me out. I can't make any sense of it either and I wrote it - hence the title.

  5. *LOL* I have posts that I'm sure people were wondering what I was thinking when I wrote them...At least with poetry, if it doesn't make sense you can say that it did when you had that artistic moment, but now the moment has passed. *LOL*

    Glad you got my note, I wasn't sure if blogger alerted you to new notes left on past entries or not.

  6. Not sure why Kafkaesque, but that quibble apart, excellently well done.

  7. Hi Dave, Thanks, I think he thought he was in a no win situation which the arresting sergeant suggested was Kafkaesque. I just liked the word and made it the title.


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